Can you really change your life by changing the way you think?

Can you really change your life by changing the way you think?

A Millionaires Mindset? Does such a thing exist?

Can you really change your life by changing the way you think?

10 Habits of MillionairesI’ve researched this type of thing on the web, subjects such as the Law of Attraction. I even bought ebooks and physical books like The Secret & The Power by Rhonda Byrne. Some would classify subjects like these as fantasy and just wishful thinking, an easy way to get something without actually doing anything to make it happen.

Well, people who think this way are half right. Nothing happens if you don’t actively do something to make whatever thoughts you may have into reality.

As an example, there aren’t many people I know that are really enthusiastic about cutting the grass. Sure, a nicely cut lawn is attractive, but the way to achieve it requires more than just thinking.

Taking the time for thought, meditation, planning or other processes of preparation is certainly important and should be a positive experience –  with the acceptance that Action is required as it is the next and indeed most crucial stage.

Develop aPositive Mindset, even if there any resentments or regrets over past failures or bad financial decisions. Overcome those thoughts and blow away the negativity. Many successful businesspeople of today got to where they are by accepting failure as a positive learning experience and using it to continue to drive themselves – and their businesses – forward.

But, I know for myself that it’s not only the past that can contribute to a negative mindset. Worrying about what may, or may not happen is just as effective in helping to nurture a situation that can lead to a self-sabotaging state of mind, as you allow your thoughts to become somewhat of a self-destructive force.

My studies and practices in Mindfulness Meditation has taught me to accept and observe experiences, whether good or bad. Becoming firmly rooted in the present moment is at the heart of Mindfulness and can lead to the type of mindset required for success.

Self-made millionaires/billionaires have all found their own individual route, and I believe there are many paths a person can choose to help resonate positive thoughts. Of course, the opposite is also true and a conscious effort for action is needed to steer those thoughts back on to a positive path.

So, be present and be creative. Set the negativity aside and develop a Positive Mindset, with a strategic long term systematic foundation. Don’t dwell on the things you don’t have and give thanks for the things you do have. Start the process off with the things that we all seem to take for granted.

Things like:

  • clean running water
  • a dry warm bed to sleep in at night
  • somewhere to live
  • an education

Be thankful and consider the things you already have. List your skills and talents, as they really are your most positive attributes. Think about how you can use them in a creative way to further develop yourself and your business.

Time to Reboot your Brain!

There are lots of things running around in your head, clogging up your mind. Leaving you with no room to focus – and without focus a business cannot be successful or indeed make any money.

Three powerful exercises, Three pieces of paper:

1. Write down everything you can think of that you need to do
2. Write down everything you don’t currently have but would like to have
3. Write down everything you are afraid of or worry about

Do this at least once a month. Getting it all out of your head and putting it down in writing will make you feel more relaxed as the weight of all this stuff has been unloaded. It feels like rebooting the brain, as most of the stuff clogging up your mind has been wiped away and you now have plenty more room to concentrate on your business.

This is a link to a larger version of the Infographic above. Take a look at it, print it out and pin it on a wall where it can always be seen and you can always be be reminded of the 10 habits that are listed there.

There is a list of books & CD’s below that have already helped me and continue to do so. I am developing more control in changing the way I think and to assist me in the creation of a consistent and Positive Mindset.

Each one is linked to so that you can look at the desciptions of each of them in more depth – and maybe buy one, or two. I will get a small commission if you use my links, but it’s up to you.

 Click anywhere here for a larger version of the Infographic “10 Habits of Self Made Millionaires”.