FusionHQ Freebie & Solo Ad

FusionHQ Freebie & Solo Ad

Here’s a Freebie I Came Across

fusionhq list ninjaJust a short note to let you know about this FREEBIE I just came across this , but only if you use this coupon code fq-CDt44m
Click Here and enter the code.

Seems that FusionHQ want to help people get started growing a business on-line with their high converting squeeze pages (inc 2 step ones) and to help grow an email list.

They’re obviously collecting email addresses and ‘high converting’ are their words – but it’s free with the code (usually $47/month) ….. so why not?
And if it helps build an email list, that’s all the better!

A New 200 Click Solo Ad Starting Today

I’m expecting a new 200 click solo ad to start today (Sept 10) using my iPro links. Lack of funds means that I haven’t run one for a while, in fact, I’ve not done very much with iPro for a while as I have been concentrating on a software project that I hope to release as my first product.

It’s taking me some time to do it, but that’s a legacy of the breakdown I had in 2010. Whether I’ll ever get back to the way I used to be when I was working full-time as a solutions architect remains to be seen.

Projects such as this would have been done in no time – but that was another time, another place and I was a completely different person back then.

Of course, when it’s finally done I’ll reveal everything about it, but at the moment I want to keep things under wraps. At least that part of my once 100% corporate mind is still functioning OK!

Anyway, I’ll post how the solo ad went and – hopefully – achieve my first income from the iPro high converting squeeze pages.



Blog Marketing. 7 Business Blogging Tips to Generate Leads

Blog Marketing. 7 Business Blogging Tips to Generate Leads

7 Blogging Tips to Generate Leads & Win Business

I came across this in SlideShare and thought that I should share it here. The author, Henneke Duistermaat, title for it suggests that these tips are for generating leads from a corporate blog, but her tips for attracting and engaging people are in fact universal tips for good blogging, no matter the size of the blog.

Blogging is exactly what I am doing at the moment and the slide’s content is certainly relevant. Presented as a list of blog marketing tips in a how to market your business kind of way. There is a lot of good advice as well as writing-style tips in these slides, although I’m not sure if my style of writing fully complies with all the suggestions! Maybe I should start to take more notice of blogging tips like these and hopefully start to attract more subscribers to generate leads and eventually win business by implementing these successful blogging tips and tricks by Henneke.

Anyway, have a flick through all the 46 slides and let me know what you think. Henneke’s content for presenting 7 Business Blogging Tips sure gives a lot of information to fill 46 slides.

Enjoy these professional blogging tips and techniques: