The path to success begins with a “Why?”

The path to success begins with a “Why?”

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Golden CircleI’ve just come across a guy called Simon Sinek and according to his Authors Biography on Amazon, he is described as an optimist, who spends his time teaching leaders and organizations in the subtle art of inspiring people. I added the words “art” and “subtle” as it really is the sort of teaching that has an effect of changing the way people think or approach the subjects of inspiration – which also has an effect on motivation.

The video on this page is from a 2009 TED talk and Simon cites examples of tech organizations and their products. Putting forward the argument that all the tech companies are essentially capable of producing quality products, but some become more successful than others. Why, for example, did Dell fail to find a market share when they introduced their hand-held personal organizers? Or Gateway Computers, well known in 2009 for producing quality computers and monitors. Why, is it that they failed to penetrate the flat-screened TV market?

The answer, according to Simon, is because they approach things from the wrong direction. The image above is called the Golden Circle and most people, including organizations, actually begin by asking “What?”, as in “what is this new product?”, or “what new new product can we launch because everyone knows us, we make quality products and so are guaranteed market-share”. We see this sort of thing all the time. “This new xyz product will increase profits”. That question covers the ‘what’ and ‘how’, but fails when it come to the ‘why’.

‘What’ and ‘how’ are very practical questions that can easily be debated, but ‘why’ can be more difficult to put into words. A desire for someone or something cannot always be easily explained, as it is a feeling.

Simons Golden Circle model shows that the biggest and most important question to address first is ‘Why?’. The world is full of companies selling similar products for similar prices and some are also known for a specific type of product. But Apple, although a computer company, is very successful with phones, tablets and music players. Apple is the company talked about as having successfully focused on the ‘why’ first.

This approach, however, is not just for large companies. As stated in the rest of his biography – “From members of Congress to foreign ambassadors, from small businesses to corporations like Microsoft and 3M, from Hollywood to the Pentagon, he has presented his ideas about the power of why. He has written two books, Leaders Eat Last and Start With Why and is quoted frequently by national publications.”

Both thoughtful and truly inspirational. I’ve now become one of Simon’s fans and will most likely buy his books.


FusionHQ Freebie & Solo Ad

FusionHQ Freebie & Solo Ad

Here’s a Freebie I Came Across

fusionhq list ninjaJust a short note to let you know about this FREEBIE I just came across this , but only if you use this coupon code fq-CDt44m
Click Here and enter the code.

Seems that FusionHQ want to help people get started growing a business on-line with their high converting squeeze pages (inc 2 step ones) and to help grow an email list.

They’re obviously collecting email addresses and ‘high converting’ are their words – but it’s free with the code (usually $47/month) ….. so why not?
And if it helps build an email list, that’s all the better!

A New 200 Click Solo Ad Starting Today

I’m expecting a new 200 click solo ad to start today (Sept 10) using my iPro links. Lack of funds means that I haven’t run one for a while, in fact, I’ve not done very much with iPro for a while as I have been concentrating on a software project that I hope to release as my first product.

It’s taking me some time to do it, but that’s a legacy of the breakdown I had in 2010. Whether I’ll ever get back to the way I used to be when I was working full-time as a solutions architect remains to be seen.

Projects such as this would have been done in no time – but that was another time, another place and I was a completely different person back then.

Of course, when it’s finally done I’ll reveal everything about it, but at the moment I want to keep things under wraps. At least that part of my once 100% corporate mind is still functioning OK!

Anyway, I’ll post how the solo ad went and – hopefully – achieve my first income from the iPro high converting squeeze pages.



Blog Marketing. 7 Business Blogging Tips to Generate Leads

Blog Marketing. 7 Business Blogging Tips to Generate Leads

7 Blogging Tips to Generate Leads & Win Business

I came across this in SlideShare and thought that I should share it here. The author, Henneke Duistermaat, title for it suggests that these tips are for generating leads from a corporate blog, but her tips for attracting and engaging people are in fact universal tips for good blogging, no matter the size of the blog.

Blogging is exactly what I am doing at the moment and the slide’s content is certainly relevant. Presented as a list of blog marketing tips in a how to market your business kind of way. There is a lot of good advice as well as writing-style tips in these slides, although I’m not sure if my style of writing fully complies with all the suggestions! Maybe I should start to take more notice of blogging tips like these and hopefully start to attract more subscribers to generate leads and eventually win business by implementing these successful blogging tips and tricks by Henneke.

Anyway, have a flick through all the 46 slides and let me know what you think. Henneke’s content for presenting 7 Business Blogging Tips sure gives a lot of information to fill 46 slides.

Enjoy these professional blogging tips and techniques:

Can you really change your life by changing the way you think?

Can you really change your life by changing the way you think?

A Millionaires Mindset? Does such a thing exist?

Can you really change your life by changing the way you think?

10 Habits of MillionairesI’ve researched this type of thing on the web, subjects such as the Law of Attraction. I even bought ebooks and physical books like The Secret & The Power by Rhonda Byrne. Some would classify subjects like these as fantasy and just wishful thinking, an easy way to get something without actually doing anything to make it happen.

Well, people who think this way are half right. Nothing happens if you don’t actively do something to make whatever thoughts you may have into reality.

As an example, there aren’t many people I know that are really enthusiastic about cutting the grass. Sure, a nicely cut lawn is attractive, but the way to achieve it requires more than just thinking.

Taking the time for thought, meditation, planning or other processes of preparation is certainly important and should be a positive experience –  with the acceptance that Action is required as it is the next and indeed most crucial stage.

Develop aPositive Mindset, even if there any resentments or regrets over past failures or bad financial decisions. Overcome those thoughts and blow away the negativity. Many successful businesspeople of today got to where they are by accepting failure as a positive learning experience and using it to continue to drive themselves – and their businesses – forward.

But, I know for myself that it’s not only the past that can contribute to a negative mindset. Worrying about what may, or may not happen is just as effective in helping to nurture a situation that can lead to a self-sabotaging state of mind, as you allow your thoughts to become somewhat of a self-destructive force.

My studies and practices in Mindfulness Meditation has taught me to accept and observe experiences, whether good or bad. Becoming firmly rooted in the present moment is at the heart of Mindfulness and can lead to the type of mindset required for success.

Self-made millionaires/billionaires have all found their own individual route, and I believe there are many paths a person can choose to help resonate positive thoughts. Of course, the opposite is also true and a conscious effort for action is needed to steer those thoughts back on to a positive path.

So, be present and be creative. Set the negativity aside and develop a Positive Mindset, with a strategic long term systematic foundation. Don’t dwell on the things you don’t have and give thanks for the things you do have. Start the process off with the things that we all seem to take for granted.

Things like:

  • clean running water
  • a dry warm bed to sleep in at night
  • somewhere to live
  • an education

Be thankful and consider the things you already have. List your skills and talents, as they really are your most positive attributes. Think about how you can use them in a creative way to further develop yourself and your business.

Time to Reboot your Brain!

There are lots of things running around in your head, clogging up your mind. Leaving you with no room to focus – and without focus a business cannot be successful or indeed make any money.

Three powerful exercises, Three pieces of paper:

1. Write down everything you can think of that you need to do
2. Write down everything you don’t currently have but would like to have
3. Write down everything you are afraid of or worry about

Do this at least once a month. Getting it all out of your head and putting it down in writing will make you feel more relaxed as the weight of all this stuff has been unloaded. It feels like rebooting the brain, as most of the stuff clogging up your mind has been wiped away and you now have plenty more room to concentrate on your business.

This is a link to a larger version of the Infographic above. Take a look at it, print it out and pin it on a wall where it can always be seen and you can always be be reminded of the 10 habits that are listed there.

There is a list of books & CD’s below that have already helped me and continue to do so. I am developing more control in changing the way I think and to assist me in the creation of a consistent and Positive Mindset.

Each one is linked to so that you can look at the desciptions of each of them in more depth – and maybe buy one, or two. I will get a small commission if you use my links, but it’s up to you.

 Click anywhere here for a larger version of the Infographic “10 Habits of Self Made Millionaires”.




My Business Goals, Objectives & Ambitions

My Business Goals, Objectives & Ambitions

Business Goals, Objectives & Ambitions

I decided to use this post to address my business goals and objectives in my new online business, as well as my on-going and personal ambitions.

SMART GoalsI haven’t written for a while as I have been recovering from the fall I had while I was walking my dog a few weeks ago. The ribs are still a little painful, but my sprained right hand made it awkward as well as painful to type as I was thinking about the pain more than about what it was that I was writing about.

Things are not too bad now, so I thought it was time to get back into things.

The time away has allowed me to properly think about what my actual goals really are the direction I want to take with my fledgling Internet business.

I missed Dean Holland’s regular iPro webinar last night (Monday 21st) and will catch up on the replay, but I did get to the one held on the 14th. What a marathon that was, turned out that it lasted over 4 hours! Many people went live with Dean and spoke about their goals and ambitions with their on-line businesses. I was also meant to speak, but had to leave as it was approaching the 2 hour mark due to other commitments.

Goals & Objectives

So, I thought that I would use this post to document my goals.

Most people start with their first objective as being to build up a stable and regular monthly income, at an amount sufficient enough to cover their monthly outgoings so they can quit their full-time job.

That’s not a bad objective and is probably what I would have written at one stage, except that I am now sort-of semi-retired. I write that in a hyphenated way, because I have in fact been away from work due to a long term illness since August 2010. I finally agreed a pay-off from my employer and have been officially unemployed since January 24 of this year. I now have no mortgage to worry about, so I can’t be thrown out onto the streets, but there are still utility bills to be paid; food to be bought; cable TV & running of car etc…

I’m still not fully recovered from my illness and still have to take medication and regularly see medical professionals.

And that is precisely why an on-line business is beneficial to me.

Internet Marketing is something that I have been studying since I have been off work. I took a couple of on-line courses and played around with html and WordPress websites. The technical side is no real challenge, as by profession I am an architect of complex computer network systems.

Anyway, back to my goals.

I have all this scribbled in pencil on a piece of paper that resides on my desk. I have “First of June 2014” as a starting date, written on top of the paper, as the month of June is the middle of the year and has a nice, round feel to it. But, I didn’t reckon on my dog causing me to trip up while chasing her down the street and breaking a couple of ribs!

I also didn’t allow for any contingencies in my planning, which is something I would have done as a matter of course when running projects at work. Oh well, stuff happens, as they say.

My Goals

Keep Calm Make SMART GoalsThe periods mentioned in the list below are with reference to that June date:

  • To consistently earn a four figure income every month, within a three month period. To begin with, the amounts need only be modest and I am only looking at figures between $1,000 and $2,000. My sites will slowly rise as I finally make a break-through and start to see stable and regular payments into my bank account.
  • Within a six month period, the monthly income will be approaching $5,000 and I will be pushing that figure higher so that my new focus will be on five figures per month after the six month mark.
  • Income streams will multiply as I become more confident. I am already working on a software product that will be launched using the tried and tested methods of JV’s and affiliates. So this goal is the production of a viable product that will be launched with the six month window.

My Ambitions

Around the time I joined iPro, I also joined a small team of people that are being mentored by a creator of several successful software products in the field of content curation. I can’t give out too many details at present as I have signed a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

My ambitions are to build both a personal and corporate brand that are both known, liked and trusted. This blog is the vehicle for my personal branding, which I have also begun to enhance, starting with the new website banner you see above. I have added a privacy policy to the main drop-down menu and will be adding more new sections. I am also not happy with the amount of time the site takes to load and I know there are too many plugins. A better WordPress theme is needed which will replace my current free ‘Magazine Basic’ theme.


Entrepreneurial Mindset & Big Business

All software products I produce will be under a corporate brand name rather than mine. I receive many emails on a daily basis from internet marketers selling their latest and greatest software product and of course, they make sure everyone knows they are personally responsible for it.

Well, what’s so what’s wrong with that, you may ask.

Allow me to shift my mind back to the senior role I held in one of the top three, multi-national IT corporations. I wouldn’t look twice at a product that was attributed to an individual. Through customer meetings, I was responsible for ascertaining and understanding the objectives with relation to a customer’s business requirements.

When all was understood and accepted by both parties,  I would start by looking at software/components etc that were already available with which to architect a solution. An important criteria, is that any suitable products already on the market must have a robust on-going development and support structure behind it. A well documented product life-cycle must also exist so that upgrades can be planned well in advance to minimize disruption to daily operations.

I have had many good products presented to me, that would certainly cover some specific requirement in a program of work. But because the vendor’s ego was so huge, they couldn’t stop themselves from bragging about it being their own personal creation and they alone were responsible for on-going development and support.

Among their peers and in the industry sector they inhabit, such people are regarded as guru’s. Followers pack out webinars and live events in particular, so they can personally meet and be photographed next to their idol. Credit card at the ready, they will impulsively buy anything and everything produced by their hero.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the wrong vision and approach to present when attempting to sell a product into a large commercial organization.

After such boardroom meetings, which rarely ended well, I have personally witnessed a kind-of look descend on their faces, a look I can only describe as a combination of devastation, disbelief and confusion. Wounded pride mixed in with a sense of insult when they realize that the corporate suits and hard-nosed business types are not swooning at their feet. Some have even been left in a state of physical shock when they are rejected.It is a real shame, as some of the products I have seen are very good indeed, but the attitude and risk presented by these so-called ‘guru’s’ are incompatible with the very high value business environments they would love to break in to.

Richard Branson

Photo used in accordance with License.Photo by J Simmons.Image of Richard Branson cropped from original

Succeeding in the boardroom requires a very different approach. Lessons needs to be taken from people like Sir Richard Branson, who perhaps is the most famous and high profile of entrepreneurs. He has perfected an image of a tie-less, long haired and bearded, swash-buckling go-getter. But he knows that the boardroom isn’t the place for that persona.I guess that, in a way, acknowledgement of this very different environment and attitude expectation, could be regarded as the ‘secret sauce‘ for success in a big business environment.

This is the very reason why I want to introduce products into the market as a company brand instead of my personal brand. I know in the early days, these things are most likely one and the same. Take Microsoft, for example. In the early days it was Bill Gates – when phoning Microsoft in the early to mid 70’s, you spoke to Bill. I know this from personal experience, because I did.

When IBM were in the early stages of creating and developing what was to become a new and now dominant genre of personal computing, the first IBM PC. Would they have ever awarded the contract to provide an Operating System for their PC to a company known as ‘Bill’s Software Products’ rather than Microsoft?