A Successful Blogger’s Top 6 Qualities

A Successful Blogger’s Top 6 Qualities

Build A Blog And Attract Followers

blog blogging nicheIf you’re thinking about starting your own blog, you must also realize that driving or attracting significant volumes of traffic is essential to maximize its’ popularity and build yourself a dedicated legion of followers.


In order to become a successful blogger, there are a certain number of qualities you should already have or be willing to learn.


This article outlines what I consider to be the top six qualities of a successful blogger. I do not claim that this list is definitive or exhaustive in any way, it is just based on my own experience, coupled with my own reading and research.


So here are those 6 Top Qualities:


Blogger Quality Number 1


Sorry if that comes as a shock, but if you are serious and want to be a successful blogger you really have to “do-some-work”. You have to write content for your blog on a regular basis and acquire the essential values of “Persistency & Consistency”.

That means having to do some writing and making sure it is done at regular intervals and putting in some effort to ensure that you stick at it. Laziness doesn’t produce regular content and won’t enable you to get to a stage where your content is actively starting to pull huge volumes of traffic to your blog. To do this, you really must be prepared to spend some time writing your own unique content.

Of course, if you have the money, you can always pay someone else to write it for you. But, be aware that an article written by someone else will be structured in a way that will not properly represent you, or your own individual personality.

In the past, I have paid for high quality and unique articles and although they were good, when I read them they were not written the way I would write and “sounded” nothing like me . So I found myself re-writing to portray me and to suit my own personal style.


Blogger Quality Number 2

Publish content that is captivating, interesting and useful.

publishing your contentResearch your chosen niche, know and understand which topics are not only important for your regular visitors to keep them coming back to your blog, but also know what will attract new visitors.

Profile the type of person who is typically interested in your niche, get to know their age range, gender and work status – are they employed; are they retired; are they blue collar employees; are they white collar employees; are they self-employed; are they professionals?

Take some time to really think about the niche you focus on and know what the needs, interests and issues are of people in that niche. From the profiling work above, create an avatar – an image and summary of your ideal target visitor – and give your avatar a name.

Look at some other existing blogs already serving the niche and think of ways in which you can inject some uniqueness into your blog without diverting too far away from the niche itself. As you write your content, keep you avatar in mind, or display what you have created about your avatar to remind you.

A blog that is unique and provides what your visitors want to see will become popular and very appealing to new visitors.


Blogger Quality Number 3

You don’t want your visitors to just be like “window-shoppers” on your blog and then pass on by.

Those visitors that have a real interest in your niche and spend their time reading all your blog posts, will be more than happy to give you their name or just email address to subscribe to your email list. A simple message, asking them to subscribe and receive email notifications when new content is published, may be all you need.


However, it is usual to give something away in exchange for someones’ email address and is typically something that is useful, like an ebook or a report. Again, custom written is always best and will help to promote your blog and uniqueness.



Blogger Quality Number 4

Providing unique and appealing content is important, but so is ensuring that you don’t overlook or miss any opportunities to make money from the blog.

moneyA successful blogger knows that relevant and interesting content is the first and foremost function of a popular and growing blog. It is, in fact, over and above the monetizing aspect as it is the content that attracts visitors in the first place. And those very same visitors will most likely become your first customers, as they feel that they have already gotten to know, like and trust you.

Also, make use of the subscribers email list you build-up, to remind or inform them of the offers you have – and don’t forget to put some links into your free ebook or report as well.

So, ensure that you don’t miss out on any monetizing opportunities as there are many ways you can make money on your blog. For example, if you do have your own products and services, or become an affiliate and sell products that are relevant to your niche.

A blog that starts to get high traffic volumes could also provide you with another revenue stream by taking advantage of the high amount of traffic to sell advertising space to local companies or other marketers on the blog.


Blogger Quality Number 5

Driving more traffic to your blog will elevate the position of it and increase its’ popularity in the search engine rankings.

drive trafficWhen typing a query into Google, most people will not look beyond the first page (or listing) of results and will only really click those that are near to the top of the listing.

To be both a successful and serious blogger, always be on the lookout for ways to drive more traffic to your blog. Get to know other bloggers in your niche and exchange traffic with them. You can do this by introducing and recommending their blog to your visitors, by either inviting them to write a guest post on your blog or by mentioning them in one of your posts.

Another way to do this, is to send an email to your list with a link to their blog. They will gain your visitors and of course, as it is a reciprocal arrangement, you will gain theirs.


Blogger Quality Number 6

Never quit!

It’s tough when first starting out, as visitors will not immediately come running to your blog. I know that feeling very well as will everyone else when they first started.

Never QuitYes, even those who are now famous and at the top of their game had to start somewhere.

You write page-upon-page of content, put in a lot of time and effort ……… and no-one sees it.

You feel as if it’s all for nothing, but never give up as everything does take time.

Don’t expect to be an overnight success as that very rarely happens.

As for those who appear to have come from nowhere and become “instant stars” – well, it’s most likely that you just hadn’t come across them before and weren’t aware of all the time, work and effort they have had to put in beforehand.

As in my number 1 point above, to be consistent and persistent is essential.

Keep at it and Never Give Up!


If you have some or all of these qualities, then just go and do it. If not, then Learn – and go do it anyhow.

So, what do you think of those six qualities? I’d love to read your comments.


Can My Stress Become A Business Advantage?

Can My Stress Become A Business Advantage?

Finally – Revelation Of A Puzzling Stress Condition

Stressed business manIt’s been quite some time since you’ve heard from me on here.


I know this is not the way a blog is supposed to be run, as it does absolutely nothing to increase readership or popularity and goes against the teachings of my mentors in iPro. There are no excuses for deliberately avoiding tasks that should be done, especially those tasks that are associated with an ongoing business strategy, especially as that very same strategy is supposed to fulfill my goal of establishing a solid and financially secure business.


The only explanation I have for things that I have or have not done, either recently or over the past few years, can only be associated in some way with the breakdown I suffered at work back in 2010.


In fact, August 2nd was the sixth anniversary of its occurrence.


Anyone who has endured trauma – whether mental or physical – will know just how difficult it can be to explain, or to justify or even apply logic to their subsequent actions or indeed their lack of action following in the wake of a major traumatic event. I still have no real clue as to why I choose to do or not do certain things. For people with no experience or understanding of a breakdown, the actions of those afflicted may seem hard to understand, even erratic, pointless or maybe downright bizarre.


Over the past six years I know that I am slowly getting better, although I don’t really know how “better” can be truly defined as a specific end-point and I guess that it is probably in the same category as to what actually determines someone or something to be “normal”, that is, if there really can be any true definition of it.


All I really can say is that I seem to have developed some form of defence mechanism, which has the effect of switching my mind away from things that appear to be threatening in some way, although I have no clue as to why my blog should suddenly start to show signs of becoming something that could induce a high amount of stress.


I’ve recently returned from a two week stay with my sister, which included the wedding of her eldest daughter – my niece – to a college professor and research scientist (he also holds a number of doctorates). He was also in the middle of writing a grant application and research submission for publication in order to secure his continued tenure for the coming year.


Talk about everything happening at once in his life!


My sister lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the last two weeks away from my own life and environment is something I needed – although I didn’t really know it at the time. The last time I saw my sister and her family was at my own daughters’ wedding in 2015 and the time before that was in 2011 at her other daughters’ wedding.


So, it’s now back to my own life and time to get things back on track with my own business.


The title of this post is “Can My Stress Become A Business Advantage?” and when planning it, I had intended for it to be just a revelation of what I had discovered about my own condition when in Canada. I’ve heard it said that in order to find yourself, you first need to get away from your own familiar surroundings and environment, in order to avoid those distractions that can so easily cause your attention to refocus on something else.


Although not totally unfamiliar to me, the surroundings I have been immersed in and the people that were around me have been sufficiently different for me to realize something that has most probably been there for quite some time. Also, I mentioned above that I had originally intended this post to be about a revelation I had discovered, but ‘Synchronicity’ has also played a part in those plans.


If you are unfamiliar with Synchronicity, it is a phenomenon of the Law of Attraction and is stated that there are no such things as chance or coincidence. They do not exist and their occurrence is not random. Synchronicity is the law of unity and arises from the deepest source of our destiny. And so it was that this article from the Harvard Business Review popped into my Inbox; ‘How to Use Stress to Your Advantage’ Clicking the link will cause it to open in a new tab, please take the time to read it.


In my particular case, my breakdown has left me with an enduring and overpowering fear of crowds. With everything I have gone through, this has been the most stubborn and consistent fear. Most of the time, I will appear to be perfectly fine and it’s only when I’m within a crowd of people that things become very confused and frightening for me. I’ve always explained it as the closeness of everyone and their unpredictability – people really do not look where they are going and will often just stop or suddenly change direction!


My revelation happened the morning after an event we had all attended the previous evening. It was a cultural event which was part of an annual celebration called Folklorama, which takes place on the first two weeks in August. It’s a festival of global culture, with individual pavilions’ for each of the countries where people have migrated from over the years into the Province of Manitoba.


I experienced the usual feelings of confusion and fright in the pavilion, the sound of all the people talking merged into a chaotic and overwhelming confusion of noise, obliterating anything my family tried to say to me. As is usual in these situations, my wife took my hand to guide me along.


It is said that we all dream when we sleep and that a large proportion of us rarely remember what the dream or dreams have been about. I also rarely recall dreams, but that night I did remember a dream, very vividly. The strange thing about the dream is that it was not about me or anyone I know. It was as if I was being shown something that had already happened, although I don’t know when it happened.


It involved a man, a woman and a boy and was extremely disturbing. When thinking about it the following morning, it suddenly struck me that the feelings of confusion and fright I suffer in crowds actually has very little to do with verbal noise or the unpredictability of people. I now realize that the feeling of fright; noise and crowds are all associated with some type of emotional absorption, which I am unconsciously trying to avoid.


Now, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you are wondering what any of this has to do with using my stress as an advantage in business. Well, if you have read the article I referenced above ‘How to Use Stress to Your Advantage’ on the Harvard Business Review website, you will have seen that a certain level of stress is actually necessary for us to achieve goals and fulfill our potential. If it wasn’t for stress, we wouldn’t have an automated response to danger, which has ensured our evolution and survival. When used consciously and by acknowledging its’ power, stress can provide us with the ability to judge situations and to form balanced assessments of them.


I know that I will need time to gradually accept the realities of my new discovery. but finding out what the fear is about does give me a great sense of progress and begins to provide me with some answers to a fear that just won’t go away and until now, has made no sense. So, an understanding of this apparent new ability I appear to have acquired should provide a kind of non-verbal access, rather like a peek directly through a customers’ eyes and hopefully be able to ‘tune-in’ to them.


I’m convinced that the disturbing dream I had came directly to me from one of those people in the crowd at that pavilion. I don’t know if it will only work when I’m among people, but it will be a huge step-forward in enabling me to properly reconnect with people again at social and business-focused gatherings.

Optimizing Visitor Conversions To Your Website

Optimizing Visitor Conversions To Your Website

But First – Acronyms!

I come from the world of Information Technology (IT) where acronyms are as common as……well, let’s just say that you risk being covered in it if you stand around beneath flocks of pigeons or seagulls for too long!

Acronyms are also popular in Internet Marketing; known as IM.

So it’s really no surprise that I’m not particularly fazed about this aspect of the business. If I come across an acronym I haven’t seen or heard before I’ll just make a note, either on paper or in my head and look it up when I can.

This got me thinking about creating a page where acronyms are listed.

So I’ve done just that and created this page, which is also accessible through the menu above On-line Marketing>Basics>Internet Marketing Definitions. I plan to add to the list when I come across any new acronyms. As an added extra, I have also sourced a free ebook called  ‘The Ultimate IM Dictionary’, which is a PLR ebook with Giveaway Rights which I got from my favorite PLR source, Resell Rights Weekly.

‘The Ultimate IM Dictionary’ is available to download from my Free Stuff page, which I will continue to populate when I come across interesting ebooks, plugins & software I can legally share.

It’s a funny thing, but I didn’t really intend to start this post talking about acronyms! However, it spurred me on to create the acronym list which I intend to ‘flesh-out’ over time and hope that it will become a valuable source of reference.

The true focus of this post is about optimizing conversions on your website, by recording exactly what visitors are doing and where they’re going. This is done  with the help of a heatmap, so that a visual representation of the session can be viewed of what visitors are doing on your site: where they are going; what they are clicking on; where they are spending the most time.

This is known as ‘UX Analysis’ and I guess you can now see why I started the post with acronyms (UX = User eXperience)!

I was perusing through the many gigabytes of ‘stuff’ I have gathering virtual dust on a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as well as a folder of interesting emails I have collected over time.

Recording Where The Visitor Goes

These days, however, I peruse with intent. That is, rather than eagerly looking for the next Bright Shiny Object (BSO) to waste money on, I look at whatever I have previously bought – and never used – with the intention to finally use it. Provided, of course, that it is still fit for purpose in 2015 and is still actively updated and supported.

The same goes for emails I’ve stored in a separate folder, that contain interesting or useful information.

It was in one of those emails that I came across a free deal from AppSumo that I had signed up for back in June 2014. It’s a web-based software called Inspectlet that records the activities of visitors to any site that it setup in the User Dashboard. All sessions are recorded both as a heat map image  and a video of the recorded user activity, which can be played back to show the website owner where the visitor’s mouse-pointer went and what they clicked on.

A heat map shows when and where the cursor stops on the page  for any length of time and  a ‘heat signature’ is representing that length of time is recorded at that spot on the page. Depending on the ‘stop-time’ duration, spots recorded on the page are displayed through shades of green, blue, orange and red, with the maximum stop-time displayed as a dark red.

HeatMap Session

Image 1 – Inspectlet Sessions Recorded On My Blog

Heat-map recording software has been produced by various companies and is available at different price points and types of software, ranging from web hosted, HTML/PHP script and WordPress Plugins.

I’m not endorsing, judging or recommending any particular product in this post – I’ve just ‘fired up’ Inspectlet because I found it languishing in an email that will actually be one-year-old in June 2015!

Inspectlet is web-hosted and I’m  pleased that it is still around and the login I created back in June 2014 still works.

As I have free account, I am limited to only one URL site entry. The images shown are of sessions recorded on my blog https://miketflanagan.com after I created an Inspectlet entry and copied/pasted some HTML code that was provided after creating the entry.

The ‘Image 1‘ screen-shot shows two visitor sessions recorded, one on May 6 and the other on May 7.  Also recorded is the time of each visit as well as the country, browser type used, IP address, number of pages viewed and the overall amount of time the visitor spent on the site.

Clicking on one of the sessions allows either the captured recording to be played or the heat-map image to be shown. ‘Image 2‘ is a heat map screen-shot of the upper portion of my Home page. The spots give an indication of how the visitor traversed the Home page, clearly showing cursor movement horizontally across the banner and erratic movement down and across the text as the visitor was reading my welcome message.


Image 2 – Recorded Heat-Map Of Home Page

Video 1‘  below is the playback of the visitors session of May 6. Although that particular session only lasted 33 seconds, it’s very interesting to observe exactly what that visitor was interested in. It kind of gives a small insight into their mind and what they are looking to gain from the visit.

This visitor seemed to be attracted to the banner ad I have for A2 Hosting – where this website is hosted – maybe it was the ‘300% Faster WordPress Host‘ that caused them to click that banner, who knows?

However, it is interesting that they scrolled right past both the ‘Partner With An Internet Millionaire’ and ‘Get Your Free PLR Products’ banners, which leaves me to deduce that maybe this visitor was another Internet Marketer curious about ISP’s being used by their competitors to host WordPress blogs and other websites.

Video 1 – Recorded Visitor Session On My Home Page


As I said earlier, this is not intended to be any kind of endorsement or recommendation of this particular product. I have no doubt there are probably better products available that give more information. However, this ‘experiment’ has caused me to change the title of my welcome message from ‘Blog’ to ‘Home Page’ and put a blog-icon with a message to click it in the text.

The reason I did this is because of one of the recorded sessions, with the visitors’ actions indicating that they didn’t really know what to do or where to go next.

This type of software is certainly useful and reveals more information in a visual way than raw statistics and analytics alone could ever achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this can replace analytics but should be used along with Google Analytics, Piwik and any other analytic products you may use. Heatmaps and video recordings of user behavior on your site are, in my opinion, a worthy addition to everyone’s toolkit.


Four Tips To Ensure Your emails Get Opened – Instead Of Just Hoping They Do!

Four Tips To Ensure Your emails Get Opened – Instead Of Just Hoping They Do!

email open rate

Eight Second Memory?

People’s attention spans have reduced significantly over the past few years. A quick Google search has brought back this statement, which is apparently quoted quite often:

“The average American attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds; in 2013, it was eight seconds.”

Some examples also add that the average attention span of a goldfish is eight seconds, although it would appear that some defenders of goldfish challenge this commonly held belief…..

Anyway, let’s put goldfish to one side now and  move on.

As it is now 2015, I guess it is safe to assume that the attention span figure is still around eight seconds. With such a small amount of time available, getting people to click rather than delete is absolutely crucial.

In a typical inbox, people see only three pieces of information when trying to decide whether to open your email.

“In the crowded consumer inbox, everything is at a premium—especially the recipient’s time.Consumers are doing a cost-benefit analysis on a minute-by-minute basis—even if they don’t know it”

To read further and to find out about the four tips to ensure an opened email, please click Here to link to this excellent article curated from the MarketingProfs website.

Read the full article Here

I was actually thinking about writing a post on this very topic, with a working title along the lines of “factors determining email open rates” when I came across the MarketingProfs article during my research.

As this is already an excellent article and so well written by the author Emily Konouchi,  I thought it more appropriate to curate.

Mike Flanagan

Is Your Site Responsively Compliant?

Is Your Site Responsively Compliant?

When Google announce an algorithm update, they usually do it fairly quickly, with little to no warning.

Many Internet Marketers are painfully aware of the impact of Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. Especially those Marketers whose site’s were hit and tumbled down the SEO rankings to some far-flung page in the outer-listings.

I was still too new at IM when those updates were rolled out, but I did read of many horror stories, where the website incomes of Marketers was just wiped out overnight.

It must have been very tough for those whose sites were affected, but I guess that some of them were “living on the edge” by indulging in techniques and activities that reside on the darker sides of “white-hat”. So it was only a matter of time – really –  before Google would react. And react they did, by hitting them where it hurt, a direct slap down the rankings for everyone they deemed as trying to “game” their systems.

For me and others who started out in the last year, the Google updates have actually been of benefit to us, by helpfully highlighting the things we shouldn’t be doing. When learning anything new, it is very annoying having to “un-learn” something when you find out that it could expose you to unnecessary risk and is just plain wrong.

The other main benefit for newbies, is that the after-effects of the Google updates, put everything on a far more level basis than it had been for a very long time.

So that brings me to the point of this post.

At least a month ago, maybe longer, Google announced the coming of the Mobile Ranking Algorithm:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

This algorithm will include mobile-friendly usability factors, as more people are using smartphones and other mobile devices, it is now more important than ever that all sites are mobile-friendly.

The word from Google is “Responsive Design”.  So it is up to all site owners to ensure that all pages are available and render correctly to all devices from the same URL.

More details are available Here

Three Simple Ways To Test A Site For Responsiveness

Number 1 – Resize Your Browser Window

A quick and simple test is to adjust the browser window size to see if the site would be usable on a small screen.

The first screenshot below, with the caption “Site Viewed In Wide Browser Window” shows the Home page of my site in a wide browser window. It was taken from a 24inch display screen and is perfectly OK.

However, the second screenshot with the caption “Site Viewed In Thin Browser Window” is a totally different story. I have reduced the width of the browser window – on the same 24inch display – and you can see that my banner and the share icons are the only elements on the page that are responsive.

All the text, the menu and the dark grey background have gone.

Unfortunately for me, it means that my site will fail the mobile responsive design test! And that is exactly the reason why I am currently rebuilding my site off-line.

Chrome Developer View

Site Viewed In Wide Browser Window


Site viewed in thin browser window

Site Viewed In Thin Browser Window


Number 2 – Google Chrome Browser

Another way, for those that use the Google Chrome browser, is to right-click anywhere on the page.  A menu will then appear, as shown in this image  below with the caption “Right Click Menu In Chrome With Inspect Element Highlighted”

Right Click Menu In Chrome

Right Click Menu In Chrome With Inspect Element Highlighted


A “Developer Area” showing lines of code will appear at the bottom of the screen, taking up approx 25% of the display area, as shown in the image below:

Chrome Developer Area At Bottom Of Screen

Chrome Developer Area At Bottom Of Screen


The screenshot shows the screen as viewed  from the  bottom left section.  I have drawn a red arrow pointing at a mobile-phone icon, which will display a drop-down menu  called “Device” in the upper left area of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below:

Device Drop-Down In The Upper Left Area Of The Screen

Device Drop-Down In The Upper Left Area Of The Screen

The drop-down menu lists quite a number of mobile devices from different manufacturers. Devices ranging from smartphones to tablets can be chosen and the page shown under the list will adjust according to the dimensions of the selected device.  This feature of Chrome makes it possible to see how your site will look on a range of different devices – all for free!


Number 3 – Google On-Line Tool

To test the mobile friendliness of a website, Google have produced an on-line tool which is available Here

The preferred result is the display of the following message, in green –  “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly”.  Unlike the message I got from the test, as shown below:

Googles Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Googles Mobile-Friendly Test Tool


Oh dear, I’ve got some work to do before the 21st of April!

The Tool shows the problems found and what needs to be done to make the site compliant. My mission is to do just that and achieve  an “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly” in a nice friendly green! I am actually in the process of rebuilding my website, with WordPress locally installed on my PC using WampServer.
WampServer is a Windows web development environment. Mac users have a number of alternatives to go at,  as listed Here


Six Tips For A Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Use The Same Domain for mobile and desktop sites. Don’t use a different domain, subdomain or subdirectory for mobile users.
  • Media content, including video & audio, to be available to play in the required formats of all mobile devices.
  • 404 Mobile Error. If a page is not available for mobiles devices, don’t just redirect to a default 404 error for desktops.
  • Avoid Duplicate Content on site versions for desktop & mobile. That’s why Google wants all sites to have a Responsive Design.
  • Don’t block JavaScript, CSS and image files. The Googlebot needs to have easy access to these website files.
  • Mobile Page Speed is important to the user experience and the site’s loading process will have to be optimised.  Google’s Page Speedtest Tool is Here.


I hope this information has been of some benefit to you. I will certainly be working on the responsive conversion of this site and uploading it before the 21st deadline, which is actually Tuesday of next week. And achieving the “Awesome – Mobile-Friendly” status from Google.

Actually, if you are inspired by the word “Awesome”, there is something else I want to point out to you that is truly deserving of the word.  Most affiliate programs out there are much the same, in terms of their commission payments, differing only by 1 to 2 percentage points. And apart from providing a few banners and emails to use, you are pretty much by yourself when it comes to promoting the product.

This one is different.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it, just click The Affiliate Club banner below and find out for yourself.

If you’re not yet ready to dive into the world of affiliate marketing, then maybe this would be more suitable for you. Just click the banner below

Kind Regards,

Mike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan

For Internet Marketing Success You Need To Do This!

For Internet Marketing Success You Need To Do This!

For Internet Marketing Success You Need To Do This!

Internet Marketing MentorAction!

Sounds like something you would hear on a movie set doesn’t it? The call for actors to perform, so the movie gets made and they get their fee.

It’s a simple and obvious arrangement that actually applies equally to anyone who wants to get paid.

Do your job (Take Action). Get paid.

A really simple concept, but also one that seems to be so difficult when it comes to Internet Marketing. For anything to happen, you need to take Action. Yet so many people do not.

I have to admit that I am not doing as much as I want to, but that is down to the burn-out & breakdown I suffered as an employee in 2010. It is indeed a long road to recovery and I’m getting there slowly, but surely.

Internet Marketing represents a career change for me and working on it is something I have direct control over. I can easily pace myself and ramp things up as quickly as I am comfortable with.

Procrastination or laziness have never been a problem for me, as it is the exact opposite of those two words that directly led to my crash of 2010.
Action is something I now control in moderation.

So what about you? Do you take action, or procrastinate? Does it scare you?

There are a lot of people full of good intentions, who certainly sound committed and eager to make a start. Unfortunately, just talking about it doesn’t actually make it happen. They have a multitude of readymade reasons at their disposal as to why they have not taken any action:

  • The time is not right
  • I’m waiting for the best day
  • I’ll start in the summer
  • I’m too tired

Unfortunately, using delay tactics like these will not achieve anything at all, let alone any kind of success. Waiting until you know more about it, or when something-or-other is ‘perfect’, will only doom you ultimately to failure.

Being honest to yourself is the starting point. Admit to being lazy or procrastinating, then throw caution to the wind and begin in a serious, focused manner.

Start Today. Do It Now.

I know from my own experience that making a good income from Internet Marketing is not easy. Stark testimony to this fact can be seen from the comparatively few people that are doing so, despite the many that try.

However, for those who are truly committed, the rewards can be absolutely staggering.

In my own professional career, I have held many senior positions. The last one being a senior client solutions architect in the field of enterprise IT systems for large world-wide corporations. And, as is common practice with many professions, when I have needed to acquire an understanding in an area in which I have had little or no previous experience, I would engage with someone who did have the necessary knowledge and experience.

To be guided by someone who already has expertise in a specific area ensures that you will begin on the right path and also avoid the frustration, doubts and mistakes often encountered as part of the normal process of learning.

Of course, what I am really alluding to here is the importance of engaging with a mentor as soon as you can. And as this blog is specifically about Internet Marketing, the ongoing costs of trying to find you own way through are quite often considerably more than they really need to be before you start to see any income from your efforts.

A lot of people give up with Internet Marketing precisely because they have taken what turns out to be a very hard route of attempting to do it all themselves, without realizing the tremendous cost in terms of money and their time – and leave with very little advancement of their understanding. Most walk away convinced that making money on-line is not possible and is just all a big scam. Quite often these people are also left with their hard drives bulging with gigabytes of courses, plug-ins and many other ‘Bright Shiny Objects’ all of which claim to be key to making millions of dollars on-line.

A good mentor is someone who is already successful and well respected in the industry. Someone who can show that their business has been built and is continuing to grow by using the exact same methods they teach.

This is the reason why I have invested in Dean Holland’s iPro Program.

As with many pursuits in life, there are two ways to learn:

  1. The Hard way
  2. The Easy way

Many exponents of Option 1 believe this to be the best way as it doesn’t cost anything and is ‘real world experience’. Although I agree that ultimate success or failure can only be measured in the real world, it is untrue to claim this to be a no-cost option. Costs can be considerable, both in money and time and can quite quickly exceed the perceived high cost associated with Option 2. which is of course, the cost of a mentor. Calling it ‘easy’ is also something of a misnomer, as there really are no short cuts. Consistent systematic Action is required everyday to ensure you are heading towards your goal.

The main benefit and primary advantage of Option 2, is knowing that you have been guided down the correct path to begin with, instead of having to fight, stumble and fall before (or if) you find it by yourself, as is often the case with Option 1. But, no matter which route you choose to take, joining the ranks of the successful high income earners still depends very much on your own efforts and how much you really do want it.

I wish there were short cuts, but even those who seem to be overnight successes, had to pay their dues in some way. As we all must do if we want to achieve our dreams. Many who appear seemingly out of nowhere all have some kind of back-story and have most probably spent a number of years learning the ropes and getting themselves established.

For those prepared to stick at it and commit to do what is required, I believe that Internet Marketing is one of the best ways an individual can empower themselves to gain a substantial income and establish a real long-lasting business. And, with respect to my previous comments, it is also one of the easiest. Comparatively speaking, of course.

Being aware that a lot of work is still required, I believe that Internet Marketing can provide a smoother path to financial freedom than virtually any other method that exists today.

So, what about you – are you prepared to do what it takes to grab your own share of this pie?