Become A Lord Of Time Management

Become A Lord Of Time Management

Do Something About Time Management And Create A Schedule

time management with tardis,

“If you don’t manage your time, your time will manage you”


Do you know who said that?


Well, actually, it was me – although I didn’t really say it, because I wrote it right here.


Time management is the main topic of this post, although you’ll see further on that I am not exactly practicing what I am preaching about at the moment. The reason for this seemingly hypocritical statement is because of the breakdown I suffered in August 2010, of which I have previously written about in this blog. Also check out my About Page.


Now, a couple of days ago I created a blog post, which was the first since February 2016.


So, why such a long hiatus, as it is now getting on for six months since that February post?


Well, that’s a question I really don’t have a simple and straight answer for. I could say that I’ve got nothing to write about; I don’t like writing; I couldn’t be bothered because I’m a lazy so-and-so.


Each response could be an answer; an excuse; a reason.


But the real answer is that I simply do not know why I do things or don’t do things and I guess it’s just all part-and-parcel of the slow breakdown recovery process, that has actually started to reveal some answers six years after the event. That hiatus-breaking post is somewhat of a milestone as far as recovery goes – check it out here.


Writing has not really ever been that much of a problem for me as things do start to flow after a short time, but it still remains something that I sort-of have a love/hate relationship with. It has been worse since the breakdown and I guess a lot of that comes from part of the responsibilities in my previous job, where I had to write responses to tenders, bids and other documents which always seemed to have tight delivery schedules and meant – more often than not – working through the night and weekends to hit deadlines.


It’s something that really invokes bad memories for me and has become one of my hurdles to overcome. To do it, I close my eyes and meditate for a short time, getting into a relaxed state and telling myself that there is no deadline or target and no failure for late delivery – because there is no late delivery!


Once I get through that, I’m OK.


That recent post has broken my blogging drought and I’ll be posting more regularly, but I have to avoid creating anything that remotely resembles a schedule, deadline or target. Which probably does put me at a disadvantage, especially when other bloggers I know use various systems for mapping and scheduling every hour of every day of every week.


Not doing it myself is also why I indicated in the opening paragraphs that I may seem hypocritical, but my own current avoidance at doing it is strongly connected with my condition. Taking a broader view, I definitely agree that it is an efficient thing to do, as you know where you are and what needs to be done at any given time on any given day.


I’ve personally used various processes for doing this over the years, which have included manual paper-based systems as well as stand-alone and networked software programs and enterprise-wide dedicated project management systems.


This is because I was responsible for all technical aspects and budgeting for several projects at any given time. Managing and controlling available time is essential for every executive level employee in today’s corporate world, as one missed meeting or deadline could jeopardize multi-million dollar contracts.


Some Tips For A Time Management Schedule

Before doing anything else, make sure you set up a nice clean and organized working environment. Spending time finding things or becoming distracted by something on your desk or on your computer screen all results in wasting a lot of your time. So the first thing you should do is to clear away anything you don’t need.


  • Clear away anything on your desk or on your screen that are not required for your tasks.
  • Shutdown any programs or websites, such as email and Facebook, that can suck away your time.
  • Create a list of tasks to be done, either handwritten or on your computer.
  • Always audit what you have or have not achieved at end of each day, identify why things were not done.
  • Prepare a fresh list at the end of each day for the following morning and carry over the tasks outstanding from that day. 
  • Do the small tasks first. Seeing a large number of tasks done will give a great sense of achievement at the end of each day.
  • Close the door or put up a sign showing that you don’t want to be disturbed for a couple of hours.
  • If you have any phone calls to make, schedule them back-to-back.
  • Choose a time of the day to check emails and Facebook. Do it at the same time each and every day and set a time limit.
  • Take regular breaks away from your computer, so that you can come back refreshed.


These are the type of things I used to do in my old job and also started doing when I first began my Internet business. But I found it to be too stressful and overwhelming to be confronted with a task list, even though I created it for myself!


So, until I can start to become more comfortable with planning and scheduling my time again, I will just continue to do things the way I am doing them now. But, for everyone else I would definitely recommend using some form of scheduled time-management system.


Any good mentor will always advocate the use of such a system and it’s a good idea to get into the habit of scheduling your time right from the day you start your own Internet based business.


And if you are looking at starting an on-line business of your own, you’ll already know from some of my previous posts that I am an iPro partner member. I’ve made no secret of it and without bias, I can honestly recommend the Business Commission Blueprint as the training to start you off with your own on-line business.


Alternatively, if you’ve already had some success with Affiliate Marketing, may I suggest that you take a look at the Affiliate Club.


time management infographic


There Is No Secret to Internet Marketing – Now That Is A Strong Tip

There Is No Secret to Internet Marketing – Now That Is A Strong Tip

97% Fail To Earn Anything Online – There MUST Be A Secret to Internet Marketing!

Well, what do you think?

Internet Marketing Secret

Hidden Secret of IM Success?

The headlines of this post appear to contradict each other, or do they?


Today I want to discuss the truly great and most obvious Secret to Internet  Marketing. A secret that has the potential to explode the business and  popularity of those that know and practice it. A secret that can create an  unlimited amount of money online and propel exponents of this secret onto the  world stage to become an instant global celebrity in that elite group of the  most respected, followed and sort-after Internet Marketers.


Does that opening paragraph sound like a load of unsubstantiated BS hype to you? I know that I have certainly seen too much of this nauseating clap-trap on the Internet and I have forgotten just how many email lists I have unsubscribed  from because I’ve gotten so fed-up with this sort of thing.


Too many marketers out there become so obsessed about the money making aspect and treat their  subscribers like biological ATM’s. Any trust or authority they might have built up will quickly wither away and the long term viability of their Internet Business will become irrepairably damaged.


It’s a strange phenominon that seems to affect people online far more than those with a traditional bricks-and-mortar business. Maybe it has something to do with a perceived sense of anonimity afforded them by the Internet – who really knows?   It seems they start to totally disregard the fact that behind  every one of their subscribers email addresses is a real live person. And anyone who has run any kind of business knows: “If you aint got no customers, you aint got no business”


However, before I go off-track too much, I do actually have a great tip which is cool and most importantly, true.


Ah, So This is The Real Secret to Internet Marketing Then!

The obvious fact is that Internet Marketing is actually a real business. As long as it is treated like a business, with customers given the respect they deserve.
customer respect internet marketing


A very good chance of success should then follow.


Did you see the tip, or was it so obvious that you missed it?


OK, here’s the tip again – and this time I’ve made all the relevant words uppercase, underlined & orange: INTERNET MARKETING IS actually A REAL BUSINESS


Now, just as with any business, success requires the wilfull participation of customers – and as we all know, customers are actually Real People that buy stuff. Notice the subtle emphasis on the two words ‘Real’ and ‘People’?


I’ll repeat what I said earlier: “If you aint got no customers, you aint got no business”


In the virtual world of the Internet, it can be easily forgotten that there are Real People  interacting with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Funny videos of kids, cats, dogs or people doing stupid things don’t just magically materialize in cyber-space.

funny cat video


They are uploaded to sites like Facebook or YouTube by people that could very well be potential customers of your Internet Business.


So, what is that supposed to mean? How can some lady from Milwaukee with an uploaded funny cat video be a potential customer?


Well, she could be interested in learning how to make some extra income online and we also know that she really likes cats, especially funny videos of them.


But, you’ll never know what people really want unless you reach out to them first.


customer incentives

Offer More To Keep Or Get New Customers

Owners and managers of traditional bricks-and-mortar business’s know that to gain customers, they have to give something first. That something could be free advice; a free trial of a service; a free product to new customers who sign-up or buy a specific product.


The list of incentives is endless, but the goal is the same. Which is, t o position themselves or their company directly in front of people by giving them value before, or even if, they become a customer. It also allows the company to begin instilling trust by demonstrating to the potential customer their depth of knowledge, experience and willingness to assist them now and in the future.


In the traditional bricks-and-mortar  – or offline –  world, as it has come to be known. Just how long  do you think the business will survive, if someone set themselves up in a business area (or niche) they actually knew nothing at all about?


Common sense should be enough to tell them that they should, at the very least, know something about that specific area of business, or make it their number one priority before making that important first  step.


If you’re anything like me, I would make sure that I at least  knew a little about the type of business I was planning to open.


Just to throw  open the doors and hope for the best isn’t the kind of business plan that leads  to success. It’s certainly a good way for someone to waste any money they may have, unless they  have a lot more money than sense, of course! As no bank would lend them a dime  with a business plan that consists of “open the doors; coax people inside; ignore their requirements and just sell them the product with the highest commission”.


So imagine that scenario.

man with no business plan

His Only Business Plan Is To Get Money!

A new business just opened, with a sign outside saying “Grand Opening Come On In Be Amazed!!”  A guy standing in the doorway, enticing people to enter, with nothing more than a  pretty window display promising them that he has the  solution to whatever they need.  He may be able to lure in the odd one or two  curious passers-by who would, no doubt, be amazed  – as the sign says – when he tries to take a deep-dive into the funds of their credit cards!


Personally, I would hope that they just didn’t enter in the first place, or at the very least, make a hurried exit back out the door. I t should be abundantly obvious when he tried to steer them into buying the most expensive or inappropriate item. This guy actually knows or cares very little to nothing about people or their requirements. It’s a sad fact that there are marketers out there who operate just like him.


Beware of internet scammers

Beware – He Only Wants Your Money

Internet Marketing has more than its fair share of so-called ‘gurus’ who really regard their customers as ‘suckers-with-credit-cards’. An endless source of easy funding for them, as they know there are plenty of eager newbies dreaming of that push-button Internet Lifestyle.

Marketers like this give Internet Marketing and online business in general a very bad name. They are just after money and are not interested in giving away any value, they don’t care and do not have any respect for anyone.


The guy with the bricks-and-mortar business above would eventually be shut-down when it becomes well known that he’s just ripping people off. But having a real business premises means that he’s a lot more easier to find.


Affiliate Marketing may be touted as a  quick and easy way to make money – and I’m certainly not knocking it – in fact,  I cover it in my free eBook ‘Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Kick-Start’ or just ‘IMEKS’ for short. It’s free and there’s a lot of valuable content in it that I  have personally learned along the way.

There’s no doubt that Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative. However, just  like most things, it can be abused and over-used to such an extent that it can  have a negative affect on marketers who make constant and aggressive use of this marketing model.


Every business, whether on or offline, must have something that either solves a problem or addresses a specific need. Indeed, all successful companies owe their success to some type of product or service that addresses a need or solves a problem. Other than my free IMEKS eBook that I created, I am actually an affiliate for most of the products I offer.


Get my Free eBook ‘Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Kick-Start’ or IMEKS. Just enter your email below.

Though in time, I will have products & services of my own.


Consider the launch of a new product.


What I regard as abuse or over-use of Affiliate Marketing, is the sheer number  of affiliates who jump on the bandwagon of each and every product launch. Every  one of them competing directly against each other and all of them  taking space in your inbox.

When you realize that the emails from different marketers are all exactly the same, it means that those  marketers have put in zero effort themselves, because they are using the vendor supplied emails  (or swipe files) as-is. Also, they don’t bother with offering any bonuses of their own. I guess the tactic may work with some people who are extremely new to IM, who just buy from the first email they read, but as far as I’m concerned, these are the types of marketers to be wary of.


They may as well just send  emails that say “I’m only interested in the commission, I don’t care about the product or giving you any extra value of my own!”


It’s also obvious to me that the hype surrounding the  latest-and-greatest-shiny-object is the same as the hype that surrounded the  last one. And the number of times I have read and heard the phrase: ‘…ABC…  is the last and only product you will ever need to buy for…XYZ’.


Just who are they kidding?


bright shiny objects

Resist The Lure of Bright Shiny Objects

Alas, it would seem that serial consumers of bright-shiny-objects (BSO’s) are  also afflicted by a sudden loss of common sense when it comes to the Internet  and the promise of untold riches there for the taking.

They’re always ready,  with credit card in hand, eager to click the Buy button and take advantage of  that ‘special early-bird price’ before the deadline. Some may promise you the earth and show ‘proof’ of how they’ve made $$$$$’s thanks to this “truly amazing product – a game changer!”

Yep, heard it all before and ‘game changer’ appears to still  be a popular and over-used phrase now that we’re in 2016!


Don’t get me wrong though, I think most people do go through the BSO phase. I  certainly did and openly admit to having hard disk folders stuffed with BSO’s, a  lot of which have never even been looked at again after all the hype had finally  died down.


Do you also receive emails with subjects like “GO, GO, GO..”; “GO NOW!”;  “GET…XYZ…BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP!”….


I’ve had emails like these and a lot  of them have been directly from the vendor of XYZ themselves. At this point, you  may ask: “so what’s wrong with promoting your own product then?” And the  straight answer is “nothing at all”. It’s the way they have chosen to market  products of their own to their subscribers that really should start to ring alarm bells. Also consider that their continued survival in Internet Marketing is heavily dependent on a continuous stream of product launches.

So, be very wary if any of them release a product and state something like: “This really is the last and only IM product you will ever need to buy!”  because the implication is that they will never, ever, need to produce another product – and that would go directly against their business model and would mean the end of their business!!


Mixed Messages of the ‘Guru Mentors’

Marketers that present themselves as mentors, who warn against all the hype and  the money-pit that BSO’s can become. Yet, they also use these very same tactics themselves to  encourage people to buy their own products, which, I am sure they will put forward convincing arguements of how ‘essential’ their product is  – and certainly nothing like a BSO!

im guru training whiteboard

Guro Mentor Marketers Mixed Messages To Loyal Followers

Take a good look through your email inbox and see how many there are from marketers who are said to be gurus or even mentors. Maybe you are already a member of one or more of their private Facebook groups. I’m sure you must have come across them. Groups where people are banned for self promotion, but the ‘Guru-Mentor-Marketer’ takes full advantage of their loyal followers to use the group as their own private sales machine.


I don’t intend to dig any further into this and will instead leave you to  examine your own inbox and form your own opinions on this matter.


Some products  launched, though, can be genuinely useful as long as you don’t get swayed by all the hype. Focus instead  on direct benefits to your business; whether the product will fit into your  business plan; is it a useful tool or just a nice-to-have toy? I’ll freely admit  that some products can advance your business, when used correctly.


When I’ve seen something that appears to be a good fit and really useful for my own business, I always check  out Brett Retucky’s site first. He conducts and publishes in-depth tests on the latest IM product launches and is not afraid to give his straight and unbiased opinion.


At this point, I’ll remind you again that the greatest secret of an online business is the fact that it is a business, as long as you are serious enough to  treat it like one. And always give your subscribers and customers the respect they deserve – and never forget that they are real people.


Now, concentrate on all the basics you need to get started. Download my free IMEKS eBook and use the information contained in it to start on your own journey. You will expand on your knowledge as you go and eventually start to make some money . Seriously consider signing with a genuine  and successful mentor whose business is not dependent on their own continuous flow of  product launches.


One such mentor, whose business does not depend on constant product launches – and also happens to be my mentor – is a well respected and successful marketer  by the name of Dean Holland. His Business Commission Blueprint was the thing that finally enabled me to make my first ever income online.


Whatever you decide to do is obviously your choice, but remember to never stop learning. Keep up to date with new methods and techniques which are always being  developed and can potentially grow your business even more.


Momentum is key!


Take action and don’t hold off doing something until you know it all, because the fact is, you never will know it all.


Just get started once you have the basics in place and in time, your knowledge  will also grow.


Until Next Time…

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The Great Affiliate Marketing Scandal

The Great Affiliate Marketing Scandal

Secret Revealed on Monday November 16 2015

dirty affiliate marketing secret, affiliate marketing,Monday will be here before we know it!

Have you got your name on the EarlyBird List yet?

There’s nothing worse than being the last person to know, hours & hours after everyone else has already started to plan – and maybe, even started to execute their next move.

Being one of the first to know about breaking news in this industry is a definite advantage. In fact, I’d say that not knowing is paramount to a scandal as well!

Go to this address and get yourself on the list before it’s too late! 
And take a look at this teaser video I just uploaded:

Affiliate Marketing – The Great Deception?

Affiliate Marketing – The Great Deception?

Affiliate Marketing & A Hidden Agenda

Affiliate Marketer and lots of money

Image 1 – Illusion or Fact?

Affiliate Marketing is supposed to be an easy way to start generating income on-line and provide the foundations to grow a successful on-line business. From Amazon Associates to promoting a new IM product launch, the way to start earning a sustainable living is to just pop-up a website of your own and successfully apply for affiliate status.

If only that was all there was to it.

I thought it would be easy and I guess you did too.

After all, it’s supposed to be a sure-fire way to get some income, through promoting an offer and receiving a percentage in return. All the ad’s you see follow a familiar theme. In some form or another, they show money falling into the hands of some excited person who is just sitting on their couch – with a laptop – eagerly raking in all the commission dollars after making a ton of amazing sales to a huge number of people.

They all suggest that this is the route to financial freedom. Just simply promote one product after another and receive large stacks of cash in return.

All well and good, but the problem with this image (Image 1) is that it is only an illusion. It is the preferred outcome that everyone wants to see and instantly expects and of course, it’s the reason why images like these are used! What is missing from that picture is all the hard work that needs to happen before the illusion shown becomes reality. In fact, being accepted as an affiliate is certainly not some kind of ‘right’ and cannot be expected as a ‘given’. Vendors do not offer their products to sell through just anyone, they want to be certain that their chosen affiliates either have a proven track record of successful sales or if new to it, their on-line presence portrays them as someone who is serious about establishing a real business rather than just a ‘hobby-blog’.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that it is impossible to make a living as an Affiliate Marketer, this is certainly a valid business model that has stood the test of time. It has existed as long as there have been shops, stores, door-to-door and mail-order businesses. Anyone who is promoting any type of product, whether it’s a toaster; washing machine; vacuum cleaner or car is acting as a representative for the company that makes or supplies those products. A commission payment is made for every successful sale, which could be as a percentage of profits made or the sales price agreed with the customer.

In the context of this post’s subject, this is the same model deployed in the on-line world for Affiliate Marketers. Of course, it is still used successfully in the ‘real’ or ‘off-line’ world. There are some very good people working in sales who do indeed earn massive commission payments.

Consistent performers in the corporate world quickly get promoted and those that take their on-line businesses seriously do indeed make rapid ascents. These high-fliers in the on-line world are granted ‘guru’ status among their own followers and quickly recognized as-such by others. However, it is often a fact that their success is the culmination of hard work and determination coupled with a strong vision and clear goals of what they are actually aiming to achieve. They treat what they do on-line as seriously as if they are running a bricks-and-mortar business, focused on the need to succeed in order to grow and continue to thrive.

So, does this mean that success is the exception rather than the rule? Otherwise, everyone would be as equally successful, or is it something else that makes these people stand-out from the rest of us? Maybe they are just ‘lucky’ people, or just good at selling stuff?

Well, it could be that they have an element of each of those things. Some people are indeed ‘lucky’ and I’m sure that a lot of us have come across individuals that just seem to somehow attract good fortune and favor for themselves.

  • But, is there something else?
  • Are we all missing something?
  • Is there something that is real, tangible and in plain sight?

Well, there is actually something and I have only recently stumbled across it myself. It’s true that 97% of people fail on-line and it’s all because of a little shocking secret. Guaranteed to be the main reason why the majority of people who try on-line will never make it.

I do know what it is, but I’m not at liberty to divulge just yet.

The day when this Secret will be released has been set at November 16 2015, which is less than 7 days away at the time of this writing.

I’m certainly not going to let ‘the-cat-out-of-the-bag’ before then, as it is the realization of a very successful and highly rated, multi-millionaire marketer. And I, for one, intend to keep ‘mum’ until after the Secret has been exposed. I also want to keep on the right side of him because this blog is a real business to me and I want it to become successful!

Actually, I just want to go off-track for a moment…

Now, I know that I haven’t written anything here in my blog for a long time and I don’t want to be judged as a someone who is just lazy, or a ‘hobby-blogger’. My reasons are related to my health condition, which I have freely written about in my About Me section. I need to state here that I am serious, I am determined and I am focused. It’s just that my condition overcomes me from time to time. Fortunately, it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be and is getting better all the time.

Right, with that said I’ll just re-iterate that on November 16, a top Internet Marketer will release – free of charge – the reason why Affiliate Marketing isn’t really the pathway to riches for most of us.The headline for this release is D.A.M.S (Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret).

By clicking the link below, you can be part of an EarlyBird group that will be the first to know about it on the release day and also get to know about exclusive updates on this Major Revelation in the Internet Marketing Industry.

And remember, the information being released is free. So click the link to find out more and join my DAMS EarlyBird Access

D.A.M.S – Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret


Four Tips To Ensure Your emails Get Opened – Instead Of Just Hoping They Do!

email open rate

Eight Second Memory?

People’s attention spans have reduced significantly over the past few years. A quick Google search has brought back this statement, which is apparently quoted quite often:

“The average American attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds; in 2013, it was eight seconds.”

Some examples also add that the average attention span of a goldfish is eight seconds, although it would appear that some defenders of goldfish challenge this commonly held belief…..

Anyway, let’s put goldfish to one side now and move on.

As it is now 2015, I guess it is safe to assume that the attention span figure is still around eight seconds. With such a small amount of time available, getting people to click rather than delete is absolutely crucial.

In a typical inbox, people see only three pieces of information when trying to decide whether to open your email.

“In the crowded consumer inbox, everything is at a premium—especially the recipient’s time.Consumers are doing a cost-benefit analysis on a minute-by-minute basis—even if they don’t know it”

To read further and to find out about the four tips to ensure an opened email, please click Here to link to this excellent article curated from the MarketingProfs website.

Read the full article Here

I was actually thinking about writing a post on this very topic, with a working title along the lines of “factors determining email open rates” when I came across the MarketingProfs article during my research.

As this is already an excellent article and so well written by the author Emily Konouchi,  I thought it more appropriate to curate.

Mike Flanagan

Blog Marketing. 7 Business Blogging Tips to Generate Leads

Blog Marketing. 7 Business Blogging Tips to Generate Leads

7 Blogging Tips to Generate Leads & Win Business

I came across this in SlideShare and thought that I should share it here. The author, Henneke Duistermaat, title for it suggests that these tips are for generating leads from a corporate blog, but her tips for attracting and engaging people are in fact universal tips for good blogging, no matter the size of the blog.

Blogging is exactly what I am doing at the moment and the slide’s content is certainly relevant. Presented as a list of blog marketing tips in a how to market your business kind of way. There is a lot of good advice as well as writing-style tips in these slides, although I’m not sure if my style of writing fully complies with all the suggestions! Maybe I should start to take more notice of blogging tips like these and hopefully start to attract more subscribers to generate leads and eventually win business by implementing these successful blogging tips and tricks by Henneke.

Anyway, have a flick through all the 46 slides and let me know what you think. Henneke’s content for presenting 7 Business Blogging Tips sure gives a lot of information to fill 46 slides.

Enjoy these professional blogging tips and techniques: