Seven Tips To Build a Successful Home Business

Seven Tips To Build a Successful Home Business


Seven Tips To Build a Successful Home Business

Man using 2 laptops on a bed. Is this the way to run an online home business During these early days of my venture into the world of Internet Marketing, coupled with the fact that I am actually setting up a long term online business, I have been doing a lot of research into the experience of people who have already been doing this for a number of years.

When you think about it, communicating and working with colleagues and customers in this virtual way is rather bizzare. I would have regarded someone as maybe having a screw-loose if they told me – say, twenty years ago – that it would be possible to set up and run a home-based business and successfully make money from home in this completely isolated sort of way!


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Anyway, here’s an article I came across and thought it appropriate to share. This guy has been running his own home business for several years and shares his insights, experience and tips gained over that period:-
A friend recently asked how I have managed to work from home for so long and stay sane. Good questions. As appealing as it sounds, working from home does not suit everyone. Doing it for years requires discipline, self-awareness and careful planning to avoid key traps. Comments about working from home usually fall into two categories. Some say a home-based business must be a terrific lifestyle with all that supposed extra time and flexibility. Others ask how you can work from home when there are so many distractions …..

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Summary of the seven tips for a successful online home business:

  1. Find a secret work location
  2. Find a great coffee shop
  3. Avoid lifestyle business owners
  4. Become a night owl
  5. Limit emails and social media
  6. Find your day
  7. Work in short bursts

There’s a lot of practical and common sense advice here for anyone starting an online business or are currently running an online business, or indeed running any kind of home business. These tips can be used by anyone as a guideline in their own particular situation.

I guess when you are solely responsible for your own success & reputation, finding ways of limiting or avoiding everyday distractions does become something that is rather personal and individual. For instance, working at night may not suit everyone and finding another ‘secret location’ may not be possible or even practical, especially if you have children and are their sole carer.

If you are thinking about how to make money online and how to start your own Internet Business, I’m sure that these tips will certainly help you on the way to success.