My first proper blog post since I discovered Internet Marketing

This is my first proper blog post since I came across the world of Internet Marketing. And I can honestly say that only really now have I truly begun to consider it as a new career direction.

Like many people I suppose, when hearing someone say they are “stressed-out ” or “close to burn-out”, I took as a figure of speech or just whining because they had a bad day. Never in a million years would it occur to me that one day I would actually experience the turmoil of burn-out first hand. That day, for me, was August 2nd 2010.

The journey to recovery is long and slow moving, maintaining focus and staying mentally active during long days that seem to never end, has meant a lot of my time being spent reading books, both of the physical and electronic versions. Topics have tended to be of the type that I never previously would have considered, including psychological, meditation, spiritual. And since my own traumatic experience, these are areas in which I now have an interest.

But, I also know that at some future stage, I will have to return to the real world and start to earn a living once again.

My wanderings into the world of IM came as a result of my need to get up to speed on the requirements of businesses to strengthen their Internet presence – especially those in the retail sector – and embrace commercial requirements to provide their customers with full e-commerce facilities, or lose them to competitors who have already established a full Internet shopping experience.

My background is IT and my previous role was a Senior Solutions Architect for one of the world’s Tier One systems and solutions providers. Working primarily with high-value clients in multi-billion dollar global accounts and shouldering huge technical responsibilities in fast moving and challenging environments. And of course, not forgetting, highly stressful environments. It’s no wonder I began to doubt whether I really should return to that world.

Delving into IM has caused me to buy too many “bright shiny objects” and a few IM and social media courses. But, in reality, I was only just playing around. Websites I had created during courses did not attract many visitors and to date my overall online earnings have been exactly $0.00

Now is the time to get serious. Stressful days in the higher technical echelons  of corporate IT are behind me. Even though the salary was high, with a generous benefits package, I have quit my job. Finally, it is a practical statement of my true commitment and determination to be successful in IM.

I have renewed focus, which is now finely tuned and backed by the reality of my new situation. With great vigor, excitement and enthusiasm, I have now begun the Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo which is a live 4 week coaching program with Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and JF Garsula.

I have a determination to become successful at this IM thing and this time I’m going to do just that!