Here’s a Freebie I Came Across

fusionhq list ninjaJust a short note to let you know about this FREEBIE I just came across this , but only if you use this coupon code fq-CDt44m
Click Here and enter the code.

Seems that FusionHQ want to help people get started growing a business on-line with their high converting squeeze pages (inc 2 step ones) and to help grow an email list.

They’re obviously collecting email addresses and ‘high converting’ are their words – but it’s free with the code (usually $47/month) ….. so why not?
And if it helps build an email list, that’s all the better!

A New 200 Click Solo Ad Starting Today

I’m expecting a new 200 click solo ad to start today (Sept 10) using my iPro links. Lack of funds means that I haven’t run one for a while, in fact, I’ve not done very much with iPro for a while as I have been concentrating on a software project that I hope to release as my first product.

It’s taking me some time to do it, but that’s a legacy of the breakdown I had in 2010. Whether I’ll ever get back to the way I used to be when I was working full-time as a solutions architect remains to be seen.

Projects such as this would have been done in no time – but that was another time, another place and I was a completely different person back then.

Of course, when it’s finally done I’ll reveal everything about it, but at the moment I want to keep things under wraps. At least that part of my once 100% corporate mind is still functioning OK!

Anyway, I’ll post how the solo ad went and – hopefully – achieve my first income from the iPro high converting squeeze pages.



Mike Flanagan