My previous attempts with Internet Marketing (IM) to date have been the creation of a small number of websites, with added affiliate links (mainly Clickbank). I have hosting with Hostgator, email auto-responder with Aweber and membership of PLR site Resell Rights Weekly. I have written articles and reworked some PLR.

But, it was all really a minimal attempt and was mainly done as part of a training course I picked up as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) on the Warrior Forum. Focused on the Wealth – Make Money On-Line – niche, it was a good introduction for me, as at that point I did not have any IM experience at all and through it I learned some basic stuff about setting up websites, building lists, creating sales funnels etc.

Although I am technically adept, with my previous role as a Senior Solutions Architect in the heady world of corporate enterprise IT, it occurred to me that I had never really built a website from scratch or paid much attention to the “nuts-and-bolts” of it all. And why should I? After all, I studied to become an electronics engineer and started my career in the electronics industry in the mid 70’s. Having attainedĀ  senior technical level, executive type roles, I had access to engineers and technicians to do that type of thing for me.

Doing it sort-of took me back to my roots, so to speak, and was somewhat refreshing to “get my hands dirty” once more. My initial reasons were to learn about how businesses operate on-line and how they handle the financial side of the operation.

Learning about IM was an activity done mainly out of professional curiosity more than anything else. The sites I created were html based, designed specifically to capture email addresses in return for a free report of some kind. I never pushed them as much as I really ought to have done and they have long since been taken down.

I didn’t sell anything at all or make any commission through affiliate links. I tried to become an Amazon affiliate, but was rejected. I think it was probably because the site I had submitted to Amazon was one that I had created during the course and it was, quite frankly, rather amatuarish.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is something I still want to do, but submitting an opt-in, sales funnel type site is definately not the way to do it!

Mike Flanagan