Here’s my video for Week 2 of the Quick Start Challenge, which has also been uploaded to YouTube.

By profession I am an enterprise IT systems architect and I am used to presenting in front of client audiences. However, I haven’t done it for over 4 years now, since I had a breakdown in 2010. You may think that is quite a big thing to admit, especially since this is a public post, but the fact is that it happened to me just as it is happening right now throughout the corporate world.

I feel no shame about it, nor is it a sign of weakness. It is, in fact, just the opposite. Those that continue to strive for more and are willing to take on new challenges or responsibilities. Climbing the corporate ladder, always aiming for greater success, really listening to people and seriously trying to help them and their business overcome issues and problems. Trying to do too much, without even thinking of delegating to someone else.

These are my attributes and of all the other people out there that have also suffered. One day your mind, true inner-self, whatever… just throws up its hands and says ENOUGH!….THAT’s IT…..NO-MORE!…SHUTTING-DOWN…..NOW!!

Anyone reading this who has had this experience will know exactly what I mean.

In the 4 years that I have been away from work, I have grown facial hair and am no-longer a suit & tie wearing clean-cut executive with a cell phone permanently plugged into my ear!

I have learned a lot during these past years, through various therapies, books, yoga & meditation. I am now more in-tune with my “inner-self” than I ever have been.

The time is now right for me to do something different. My corporate days are now behind me and I am ready to reinvent myself in the world of Internet Marketing. With the Quick Start Challenge and the enthusiasm of Dean Holland’s teachings – not forgetting the awesome group of like-minded individuals who have also signed up for QSC – I have the momentum to progress and take action!


Mike Flanagan