Curious Case Of The Missing Visual Editor

Curious Case Of The Missing Visual Editor

Where Oh Where Can My Missing Visual Editor Be?

Vanished WP Visual Editor

Vanished WP Visual Editor

 It actually happened some time before Christmas.

I was going to make an entry wishing everyone a great time and a happy new year. But as the WordPress Post Editor opened, an unfamiliar sight confronted me, which is revealed in the picture above. The Visual tab is selected, but there are no icons displayed – and no text appeared when I tried to type something.Even more strange was that HTML coding did appear as expected when I selected the Text tab. “What is going on?” – is the question I muttered to myself, with perhaps a couple of expletives thrown in for good measure!

Wondering if it only occurred with new entries, I opened an old post, but found that to also be similarly affected.

You may be wondering why I only appear to be addressing the problem now, especially as the end of February is fast approaching.

Just what the heck have I been doing all this time!

Well, these past couple of months have been quite hectic, to say the least. My daughter Hayley was expecting her baby to be born in middle to late January. There were a few false alarms, with midnight dashes to the hospital. Mix that in with the usual excitement and chaos around that time of year and it’s easy to see that I couldn’t be very focused on much else.

On the 17th January, a baby girl was born weighing in at 5lb 10oz. My very first grandchild, Amelie Thea. February 3rd was also Hayley’s 30th birthday – as if there wasn’t enough going on already! I also attended the iPro Partners Training Event in Nottingham on the weekend of the 7th & 8th, so now is really the only time my mind has finally settled down enough for me to re-focus on addressing the issue of the missing visual editor and of course, my on-line business and finally start to act on the business plan we all drew up for our respective businesses on that weekend.

I have searched the web for possible causes to the missing visual editor and it seems that a lot of people have experienced this problem. However, when I clicked on several of the results I found a lot of different fixes, with replies from others reporting whether a particular fix worked for them – or not. There were 176,000 results for my Google query “wordpress visual editor blank”, which appear to be connected with WP Updates over the past few years. As my site is now running WP 4.1.1, which is the latest version, I only tried the suggestions from the most up-to-date results.

The last post from this site:  is from someone upgrading to version 4.1 in January 2015, who suggests that the problem is with the WP upgrade process itself and replacing the entire wp-includes/js/tinymce folder fixed it for them. Here is their post

Some also found that the font color had changed to white. (white text on a white background is definitely not recommended!)

Here is a list of the most common fixes, taken from some of the results I read:
  • Clear browser cache
  • Try a different browser
  • Deactivate all plugins
  • If you have the plugin “Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress” deactivate & reactivate it
  • Change to default theme & then back to the operational one
  • Install “Use Google Libraries” plugin
  • Add this to the wp-config.php file: define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );
  • Download a zipped version of WordPress from and via ftp replace /wp-includes/js/tinymce folder
  • Download a zipped version of WordPress from and via ftp replace /wp-includes folder
  • Look in General Settings to see if the site & WP url’s have a colon “:” at the end of them. If so, remove them
  • “Disable Visual Editing” in your Profile & then “Enable Visual Editing”
  • In the CSS file “wp-includes/css/editor.min.css”  the rule is .js .tmce-active .wp-editor-area{color:#ffffff}
    • which is white. But when I checked this on my site and compared it with a freshly downloaded zipped version of 4.1.1, I found this in both of them: .js .tmce-active .wp-editor-area {color:#fff}


Some people also suggested that the issue is caused by combining all of the individual scripts into one large file. There are plugins that can do this and it is also recommended as a way to optimize or speed-up WordPress. This is also something I have done with my site.

As for browsers, I use both Chrome and the 64 bit version of Firefox known as Waterfox and found that the problem was consistent on both browsers. Most of the fixes listed above did not work for me and I do not have the “Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress” plugin. I’ve included it in case someone has and it works for them.

The fix regarding the css editor file is a strange one and it’s pretty weird that even fresh versions of the file show “{color:#fff}”  (Yes, it has three “f’s”) Although this fix seems to have worked for some people, I thinks it’s something of a red-herring.

I also have not tried uncombining all the script files, or counting the number or placement of “;” in the large combined (concatenated) file to see if any are missing, causing the script processing to prematurely abort or cause execution errors by miss-reading.

Other posts I read indicated that the problem is actually at the server end and suggest interrogating the ISP to find out if they have changed anything.

I haven’t found a definitive answer to the problem, as there may be many causes, or maybe just one that no-one has yet discovered and is somehow affected by all the other “fixes”. What I did was to install a completely different browser, one that I have never used before, to ensure there are no remnants of old installations. I am of the opinion that the fault lies somewhere on the user’s computer and each “fix” is related to what a particular user has installed; other external web programs they access; version of their particular operating system… or maybe if they use a Windows PC or an Apple (Mac, iMac, iPad …)

I would be interested to know if fixes that work have anything to do with the operating system, whether it’s Windows, OSX, IOS.

Anyway, back to the different browser I installed. It’s Opera. When I logged back into my site, the visual editor had indeed returned. The next thing I am going to try is to completely remove both Chrome and Firefox (Waterfox) by using an uninstall tool I have as part of an application called “Advanced SystemCare 8.1 Pro”. It scans for leftover files and folders and also through the Windows registry. I’ve used it many times to completely remove stubborn programs I’ve installed in the past.

Although I said that I haven’t posted anything since before Christmas, it’s not exactly true, as you will notice that I actually did post this  Really Proud Of My Hero Nephew  on February 3rd. The problem with the visual editor was there, but the Text editor still worked OK. So rather than manually mess about with HTML, I fired up KomPozer which is a free WYSIWYG web page editing program. It has a Normal tab for visual editing and a Source tab for HTML. I created the post as normal and then simply copied and pasted the HTML into the WP Text editor. But, I still had to mess around a bit to get the post looking alright in WordPress and because I suspected a little fine-tuning may be necessary, it’s also the reason why that post is fairly short.
I’ll report back as to whether a completely clean re-install of Chrome & Waterfox re-enable the visual editor.


QSC Grand Finale Webinar (& introducing ipro)

QSC Grand Finale Webinar (& introducing ipro)

QSC Grande Finale Webinar 2014QSC Grand Finale Webinar (& introducing ipro)

Well, this year’s Quick Start Challenge finished in the early hours of Thursday morning in the UK (1:30 am). As I’m no longer young and carefree, that was way too long passed my bedtime!

Waking some 6 hours later, I was still bleary eyed and needed at least a gallon of coffee before I began to wake up properly! Anyway, I slowly started to come round and eventually began to function.

Despite it being the Grand Finale of Quick Start Challenge 2014, there was still quite a lot of excellent content. Dean Holland sure does give fantastic value and over-delivered at a rate which was at least ten times the price of the course. This is Dean’s normal mode of operation and a standard by which his business operates – one of his “secret sauce” ingredients that has made him such a successful internet entrepreneur and millionaire.

Dean started off with a review of everything we had covered during the course, making sure that we understood and appreciated important fundamentals, such as KLT (Know, Like, Trust) and the “Success Metric” T+C=S (Traffic + Conversions = Sales).

He stressed the importance of KLT in establishing a relationship with visitors to one’s blog. No hype or BS, just honest and authentic writing, until visitors feel they have a rapport with the blogger and naturally establish the KLT metric of Know, Like & Trust. That’s when the Success Metric of T+C=S (Traffic + Conversions = Sales) comes into play.

To not understand and appreciate the importance of both metrics, means an unsuccessful and frustrating time for any aspiring Internet Marketer.

I would also add that these are important fundamental requirements of any business venture, whether on or off line. Without all of these basic components in place, any business would struggle to make sales.

Dean compelled us to commit both KLT and the Success Metric to memory and to base our IM ventures on the principles of integrity, honesty and authenticity enveloped within KLT.

Further strategies presented by Dean, that he uses in his own business, included his “Value Stack” Business Model, which is his own proven high converting sales funnel.

He spoke about traffic and how there are really only two ways of getting it.

“Free” traffic and “Paid” traffic. Dean stressed the importance of researching the reputation of “Paid” traffic vendors, before ordering “clicks” from them and how it is wise to spread the amount spent over a number of vendors. During my limited experience and previous research in this area, I have found out that the smart thing to do, is to order the minimum quantity of clicks as reputable vendors tend to over-deliver anyway.

The other important point about paying for traffic is the quality of the traffic and not the quantity. Targeted traffic is what you want, that is people who are already interested in your niche. Cheap Fiverr gigs will deliver quantity, but most of the visitors will not really be interested in your niche or just be “freebie” hunters collecting as much stuff as they can get and then immediately unsubscribing.

There may well be a lot of traffic, but in the IM world, it is known as low-quality.

“Free” traffic is not really free. It requires that you drive traffic to your website and that needs time. So, the difference between Paid & Free traffic is the spending of money or the spending of time.

Dean carried on delivering a lot more excellent content and strategies from his own business.

The big grand finale included some surprises from Dean.

Everyone who attended the live webinar was entered into a prize draw, to win one of three 60 minute sessions with Dean which could take the form of a direct consultation on the winners business, or an interview that the winner can record and sell as their own product.

An awesome prize that unfortunately I didn’t win, but warmest congratulations to those lucky people who did!

As usual, with any of Deans’ events, there was also something more.

He presented to us, something that has been dubbed “The Ultimate Six Figure Short cut“.

An exclusive and unique program called iPro that allows members – known as partners – access within his business and rights to sell his products with very generous commissions.

iPro is not advertised directly by Dean, all references I’ve found to it are mainly in the form of video testimonials or written about in the blogs of people within the program. All of them have said how much it has restored their faith in IM as a way to earn a living online and many have actually stated that they have indeed earned their first ever income! Their first four figure days are celebrated by Dean in their own exclusive closed Facebook group.

Within the members’ area of iPro, there is a wealth of in-depth training, covering many areas from traffic generation to Dean’s own proven and profitable business models. Acceptance into the iPro program is more than just handing over a sum of money. There is no guarantee of acceptance and before a price is even mentioned, the applicant is required to undergo an interview. I don’t know if there is just one interview or a series of stages, or whether it depends on a particular applicant. Although I have seen mention of a 90 minute interview.

Dean concluded the QSC with perhaps the biggest surprise, and announced that all of us have shown such consistent commitment and progress throughout the QSC, that he was prepared to waive the normal interview vetting process and allow us to access iPro at the Platinum level. I understand the levels are: Gold, Platinum, Elite and Master.

Entrance to the second level is pretty cool and yes, I did take advantage of the opportunity and I am just starting to work my way through the training.

I make no secret of the fact that my IM income efforts thus far are rather dire. Not-a-bean; zilch; nada; nothing have I made. But now, I have invested properly with Dean Holland, a well-known, proven and successful mentor.

I have added links below to QSC and another of Deans’ courses, Big Commission Blueprint (BCB), if you are interested in any of them. As for iPro, I’ll be documenting my progress – when I have time – as I work my way through the training.

Week 3 Challenge Done!

Week 3 Challenge Done!

Blog Profits Blueprint FREE Download

Free Download

Week 3 Challenge of QSC finally done.

It’s now Saturday and I have finally put the Aweber plugin on my blog, with what I think is quite a useful “ethical bribe” to hopefully tempt visitors to give me their names and email addresses.

There’s no specific reason why it has taken me all this time to complete the challenge, I guess it’s just the usual everyday chores that need to be done. I’ve also gotten used to the fact that the medication I have to take daily makes me so drowsy in the early afternoon that I have to take a nap for 2 to 3 hours.

So that always takes a slice out of my available time.

I thought about writing something myself to use as a free tempter to lure visitors to click the Sign Up button, but available time seemed to be less this week, so I’ve gone with a PLR ebook (with give-away rights, of course).

I spent some time looking through all the PLR material I’ve already got. I was going to go for something like a WordPress plugin at first and I had a couple lined up ready to go.

But then I came across this ebook, “Blog Profits”, which is quite substantial at 54 pages and a suggested selling price of $27. Usually with something of this suggested value and the useful information it contains, the PLR rights bar it from being given away – but not on this occasion.

I’ve been reading it myself and have found some truly useful information, so I decided to offer it as my free gift. The list below has been copied from the Table of Contents. If you are interested in owning this ebook, please fill out your name and email address and click the button labeled “Sign Up” in the side bar.

Introduction: Blog Profits
What Is Blogging?
Benefits of Blogging
Examples of Successful Blogs
What Should You Blog About?
Determining the Hottest Blog Topics
The Most Popular Blog Platforms

Creating Your First WordPress Blog
Registering Your Domain
Setting Up Your Web Hosting
Installing the WordPress Platform
Choosing Your Theme
Using Plug-Ins and Widgets
Adding About, Contact Us and Other Pages to Your Blog

Writing Your Blog: A Primer
How Often Should You Post?
Types of Blogs & Blog Posts
Developing Blog Topics

Monetizing Your BlogSecrets of Successful Blogging


To Your Success,