Become A Lord Of Time Management

Become A Lord Of Time Management

Do Something About Time Management And Create A Schedule

time management with tardis,

“If you don’t manage your time, your time will manage you”


Do you know who said that?


Well, actually, it was me – although I didn’t really say it, because I wrote it right here.


Time management is the main topic of this post, although you’ll see further on that I am not exactly practicing what I am preaching about at the moment. The reason for this seemingly hypocritical statement is because of the breakdown I suffered in August 2010, of which I have previously written about in this blog. Also check out my About Page.


Now, a couple of days ago I created a blog post, which was the first since February 2016.


So, why such a long hiatus, as it is now getting on for six months since that February post?


Well, that’s a question I really don’t have a simple and straight answer for. I could say that I’ve got nothing to write about; I don’t like writing; I couldn’t be bothered because I’m a lazy so-and-so.


Each response could be an answer; an excuse; a reason.


But the real answer is that I simply do not know why I do things or don’t do things and I guess it’s just all part-and-parcel of the slow breakdown recovery process, that has actually started to reveal some answers six years after the event. That hiatus-breaking post is somewhat of a milestone as far as recovery goes – check it out here.


Writing has not really ever been that much of a problem for me as things do start to flow after a short time, but it still remains something that I sort-of have a love/hate relationship with. It has been worse since the breakdown and I guess a lot of that comes from part of the responsibilities in my previous job, where I had to write responses to tenders, bids and other documents which always seemed to have tight delivery schedules and meant – more often than not – working through the night and weekends to hit deadlines.


It’s something that really invokes bad memories for me and has become one of my hurdles to overcome. To do it, I close my eyes and meditate for a short time, getting into a relaxed state and telling myself that there is no deadline or target and no failure for late delivery – because there is no late delivery!


Once I get through that, I’m OK.


That recent post has broken my blogging drought and I’ll be posting more regularly, but I have to avoid creating anything that remotely resembles a schedule, deadline or target. Which probably does put me at a disadvantage, especially when other bloggers I know use various systems for mapping and scheduling every hour of every day of every week.


Not doing it myself is also why I indicated in the opening paragraphs that I may seem hypocritical, but my own current avoidance at doing it is strongly connected with my condition. Taking a broader view, I definitely agree that it is an efficient thing to do, as you know where you are and what needs to be done at any given time on any given day.


I’ve personally used various processes for doing this over the years, which have included manual paper-based systems as well as stand-alone and networked software programs and enterprise-wide dedicated project management systems.


This is because I was responsible for all technical aspects and budgeting for several projects at any given time. Managing and controlling available time is essential for every executive level employee in today’s corporate world, as one missed meeting or deadline could jeopardize multi-million dollar contracts.


Some Tips For A Time Management Schedule

Before doing anything else, make sure you set up a nice clean and organized working environment. Spending time finding things or becoming distracted by something on your desk or on your computer screen all results in wasting a lot of your time. So the first thing you should do is to clear away anything you don’t need.


  • Clear away anything on your desk or on your screen that are not required for your tasks.
  • Shutdown any programs or websites, such as email and Facebook, that can suck away your time.
  • Create a list of tasks to be done, either handwritten or on your computer.
  • Always audit what you have or have not achieved at end of each day, identify why things were not done.
  • Prepare a fresh list at the end of each day for the following morning and carry over the tasks outstanding from that day. 
  • Do the small tasks first. Seeing a large number of tasks done will give a great sense of achievement at the end of each day.
  • Close the door or put up a sign showing that you don’t want to be disturbed for a couple of hours.
  • If you have any phone calls to make, schedule them back-to-back.
  • Choose a time of the day to check emails and Facebook. Do it at the same time each and every day and set a time limit.
  • Take regular breaks away from your computer, so that you can come back refreshed.


These are the type of things I used to do in my old job and also started doing when I first began my Internet business. But I found it to be too stressful and overwhelming to be confronted with a task list, even though I created it for myself!


So, until I can start to become more comfortable with planning and scheduling my time again, I will just continue to do things the way I am doing them now. But, for everyone else I would definitely recommend using some form of scheduled time-management system.


Any good mentor will always advocate the use of such a system and it’s a good idea to get into the habit of scheduling your time right from the day you start your own Internet based business.


And if you are looking at starting an on-line business of your own, you’ll already know from some of my previous posts that I am an iPro partner member. I’ve made no secret of it and without bias, I can honestly recommend the Business Commission Blueprint as the training to start you off with your own on-line business.


Alternatively, if you’ve already had some success with Affiliate Marketing, may I suggest that you take a look at the Affiliate Club.


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Ten Traits To Acquire On The Journey To Success

Ten Traits To Acquire On The Journey To Success

motivate, inspire, be successful


I came across this article on Facebook – Salesforce Marketing Cloud

After reading it, and thought it worthy of sharing here as the traits are not just for small business success.

I would say that the high profile and very successful billionaire entrepreneurs we all read, see and hear about started out with a small business – and maybe just by themselves.

In various interviews, a lot of them have listed some, if not all, of these very same traits and not just for past success. They often attribute their current, on-going and future business successes to them.

A lesson to everyone then.

When achieving great success in business, we must never forget where we came from and what it was that made us so successful in the first place.

To carry on reading the original article, click on this link to their website – 

10 Traits That Will Help You Succeed in Small Business (And Maybe Life)

I hope that you found inspiration from that story.

Anything I find on the Internet that inspires or motivates me, I will share here on my blog.




The Great Affiliate Marketing Scandal

The Great Affiliate Marketing Scandal

Secret Revealed on Monday November 16 2015

dirty affiliate marketing secret, affiliate marketing,Monday will be here before we know it!

Have you got your name on the EarlyBird List yet?

There’s nothing worse than being the last person to know, hours & hours after everyone else has already started to plan – and maybe, even started to execute their next move.

Being one of the first to know about breaking news in this industry is a definite advantage. In fact, I’d say that not knowing is paramount to a scandal as well!

Go to this address and get yourself on the list before it’s too late! 
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Week 3 Challenge Done!

Week 3 Challenge Done!

Blog Profits Blueprint FREE Download

Free Download

Week 3 Challenge of QSC finally done.

It’s now Saturday and I have finally put the Aweber plugin on my blog, with what I think is quite a useful “ethical bribe” to hopefully tempt visitors to give me their names and email addresses.

There’s no specific reason why it has taken me all this time to complete the challenge, I guess it’s just the usual everyday chores that need to be done. I’ve also gotten used to the fact that the medication I have to take daily makes me so drowsy in the early afternoon that I have to take a nap for 2 to 3 hours.

So that always takes a slice out of my available time.

I thought about writing something myself to use as a free tempter to lure visitors to click the Sign Up button, but available time seemed to be less this week, so I’ve gone with a PLR ebook (with give-away rights, of course).

I spent some time looking through all the PLR material I’ve already got. I was going to go for something like a WordPress plugin at first and I had a couple lined up ready to go.

But then I came across this ebook, “Blog Profits”, which is quite substantial at 54 pages and a suggested selling price of $27. Usually with something of this suggested value and the useful information it contains, the PLR rights bar it from being given away – but not on this occasion.

I’ve been reading it myself and have found some truly useful information, so I decided to offer it as my free gift. The list below has been copied from the Table of Contents. If you are interested in owning this ebook, please fill out your name and email address and click the button labeled “Sign Up” in the side bar.

Introduction: Blog Profits
What Is Blogging?
Benefits of Blogging
Examples of Successful Blogs
What Should You Blog About?
Determining the Hottest Blog Topics
The Most Popular Blog Platforms

Creating Your First WordPress Blog
Registering Your Domain
Setting Up Your Web Hosting
Installing the WordPress Platform
Choosing Your Theme
Using Plug-Ins and Widgets
Adding About, Contact Us and Other Pages to Your Blog

Writing Your Blog: A Primer
How Often Should You Post?
Types of Blogs & Blog Posts
Developing Blog Topics

Monetizing Your BlogSecrets of Successful Blogging


To Your Success,


Huh…How Many Visitors To My Blog?

Huh…How Many Visitors To My Blog?

Flora, my Cocker Spaniel

Flora in my office

Huh…How Many Visitors To My Blog?

Slight embarrassment when Dean asked on the Week 3 Quick Start Challenge call how many visitors we had seen to our blogs since installing Google Analytics, which was one of the challenge actions of Week 2.

I had everything listed that needed to be done and checked them off one-by-one. I was pleased with my achievements, especially since it was also over the Easter period that week and for most of that weekend I didn’t go near my computer.

When Dean asked about visitors, I realized that I had not checked my own stats.

Logging into Google Analytics, my blog was nowhere to be seen. The only ones there were old test and training sites, no longer online, that I had set up some time ago.

Checking my site, I could certainly see the Google Analytics Plugin. So, I had loaded the plugin and probably got distracted by something.

Hmm…..Maybe it was my 4 month old cocker spaniel (Flora)?……..Maybe it was time for dinner?……

…Who knows?….But I think I’ll go with taking Flora for a walk…..dogs can’t argue back!

Anyway, I’ve setup Google Analytics now and looking into Flora’s soulful eyes – as she is sat on the floor next to my desk as I am writing this – I have to take full responsibility for not completing the task. Just annoying that I have missed out on a week’s worth of stats!

I want to go back to the point I made above regarding minimizing my computer time over Easter.

It’s important to keep in mind the reasons why we are all doing the QSC. Our lives and wellbeing are intertwined with our families. Spending more time with them certainly comes top of the reasons for me, without having the financial worries that usually accompanies what is known as “free- time”.



As if our own time is not really our own and we are selfishly taking it away from someone or something else that is the true owner.

This sense of guilt is something that has been “bred” into us in Western society. 19th century Victorian era values of a “work-ethic” and how it is “sinful” to be idle. But their view of “idle” was someone who was not an aristocrat or not from an old established and wealthy family (old money).

Our lives are the single most important asset each of us possess and yet it is something that we most readily squander.

When our final day on this earth comes, none of us want to regret how we placed greater priority and importance on our careers and a faceless multi-conglomerate corporation rather than our partners and/or children.

There’s no going back; no refunds; no credit given for precious lost moments of time. The corporate machine places no value on that time, there is no profit to be made, it is a wasteful and inefficient use of an expensive company resource.

Indeed, I was once a company “resource”, but I am now grabbing back the life and “free-time” that truly belongs to me and no-one else. And I am no longer a “resource”, an employee number in a company’s database. Marked up with a set of marketable skills available for the company’s financial exploitation.

I am a man and my name is Michael Flanagan – call me Mike – I have a loving family. A wife, 3 grown up children and a Cocker Spaniel puppy called Flora. I have a daughter and 2 sons. My daughter will be getting married next year, my older son is currently living with his girlfriend in Sydney Australia.

I have knowledge and skills that are beneficial to my new venture into Internet Marketing. And I am willing to help and support anyone on the same journey to our mutual success.

This is who I am.