Find Your Why & Envision What Success Looks Like To You

Visualize What You Want To AchieveI’ve been thinking, recently, about something that may at first glance seem totally obvious. But when you overhear the conversations of some people, you’d be forgiven for thinking they are completely mad!


Why is it, when some people buy a lottery ticket they don’t think they have a chance of winning? The whole point of the purchase in the first place is to be in with a chance to win.


Bizarre, isn’t it? Yet some people will buy lotto tickets expecting not to win! Okay, I know when I buy a ticket that the odds are not in my favour and also, that the same thing applies to the other ‘X’ millions of people who have also bought a ticket.


But, although the exact same odds are against every single person who has bought a ticket, it’s also true that one or more of them might win the jackpot outright or take a share of it. Alternatively, weeks may go by without a winner but eventually someone, or several, will win big.


As I wrote in my opening paragraph, it should be totally obvious that to buy a ticket gives you a chance to win and let’s be honest, every one of us wants to win the big one – right?


You choose your favorite numbers or let the machine pick them for you and then hand over your money to receive your ticket.

winning mindset, lotto win,So, at some point in that process – however briefly – you have thoughts of winning.


You create a winning mindset.


Entrepreneurs know that the success of any project or business begins with ensuring that they start with the right mindset, a winning mindset. They know that success itself will require more than just thought and use the imagination and visualization powers we all possess, as the catalyst that drives them to do all they can to achieve the success they have already seen in their minds’ eye.


The most successful entrepreneurs have crystal clear goals. They know What they want; Why they want it; How they are going to achieve it.
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With a goal clearly set they work back from it, mapping out every inch of the way making sure they stay on the right path.


I came across an article on, written by Carrie Green (Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association) that delves deeper into the required mindset by presenting four questions that entrepreneurs must ask of themselves.


Although the article appears under the “WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS” section, the questions presented by Carrie are not gender specific and apply equally to men:


The Four Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask Themselves To Achieve Success in 2017

We all want to achieve incredible things in 2017. We want to have a bigger impact, create more growth and reach new business heights.


Creating this isn’t going to happen by accident, it’s going to happen because you make it happen.


In order to do that, you have to show up like never before for your goals and dreams. So how are you going to do that throughout the year?


Read the full article here at




I hope you enjoyed reading Carrie’s article and have gained something from the four questions she presented that will help you to achieve the type of success you’ve always wanted.


As for me, I’m on a long voyage of self – discovery since my breakdown in 2010. I won’t go into any detail about that here, but if you do want to know more, see my About page.


Questions 1 & 4 are, for me, the areas I really need to focus on.


As a reminder, those questions are:


1. Get clarity: What does success look like for you?

4. Condition yourself for success: What is holding me back?


Developing A Highly Successful Mind

I’ve learned a lot about the mind since 2010, but it’s such a vast area of study, even the professionals admit that they are really only scratching the surface. The key for me is to understand, as much as I can, how to gain the insight into my own mind to not-only pinpoint answers to Carrie Green’s questions 1 & 4 above, but to also understand and find-out more about my own Inner-Self .


To help achieve those answers, I’ve decided to revisit some techniques I briefly came across some time ago. 


The techniques were developed and are still being refined by Stuart Lichtman. He calls the techniques CT or Cybernetic Transposition and the seed of the whole thing first started in 1957 when he was a student at M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


Cybernetic Transposition, winning mindset Cybernetic Transposition sounds like something out of an episode of Doctor Who! You can imagine a plot which involves the Cyber Men taking over the bodies of humans and transposing into them!


Well, I don’t know – maybe it could be a Doctor Who story-line?


Actually, the word cybernetics  is a derivation from the Greek word kybermetes, which can mean any of the following:


  • steersman
  • pilot
  • rudder
  • governor


I guess it probably depends on the context in which it is used. Stuart Lichtman preferred ‘steersman’, as an inference  to gaining control of one’s mind. Specifically, the Unconscious Mind.


Transposition is to take one success you have experienced in any area and reform it for use as a solid foundation to ensure that same level of success in any other area.


As I work my way through CT, I plan to post progress updates here on my blog and on my Facebook page.


Please, let me know your thoughts and opinions on this post.











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In 2014, I retired from Senior Technical Executive post with a top level, global IT systems and solutions corporation. Freelanced in the late 1990's in my own IT consultancy business & rejoined the corporate world 2005. Now decided to go into business again, this time online with an Internet Marketing Company I call CS Marketing (the CS stands for Corporate Survivor). I help others interested in online business and use the technical and business skills gained throughout my professional career.